Which One Direction Guys Did Better? YOU VOTE!

Everybody knows and everybody loves One Direction. People who claim they “hate” 1D obviously is lying to themselves because inside that earphones plays a famous 1D song. I remember when I was a student and my housemates in the college hostel is always blasting 1D songs! What’s that famous 1D song? WAY TOO MANY FOR US TO EVEN CHOOSE ONE!! (like the amount of student hostel at Sunway we have in our website!)

The boys have been together since 2010 and went on a break for 18 months since 2016 and promise to comeback. But its only been a year since the decision to go on a break and the One Direction boys have each went separate ways, ironic. Even though Zayn Malik was the first to have left the band on March 25th, 2015, he has been doing relatively well. Does the student nowadays know who is 1D or the students know them as solo artist?

Below is a little poll quiz for you to vote on who did best after that break they claimed. (Please be patient as the quiz loads, thank you!)

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