8 Reasons to Date an Engineering Student in Malaysia

You might think that engineering students are weird. Or difficult to understand. Or too quiet sometimes. I have a brother that used to study engineering in Universiti Malaya and trust me he is all these.

But you know what? All these awesome humans studying technical terms during the long study days, extra time in the dorm studying, turn into interesting, romantic people after the classes!

So, what we did was we asked the people who currently date engineering students about what’s the best about their relationship:

1. They’re very hands-on

Engineers are natural problem solvers. They won’t wait ages until things work by themselves. They will be testing and playing with options or projects until they finally work. So… most likely, they will ask you out and try to kiss you, just because they want to see if the project “you” is working! Active attitude!

2. They’re thoughtful

Their studies teach them a lot about how complex things in life can be, and how important details are. Your engineering bae would not only bring tissues with them if you’re going to a restaurant together – there would always be a bottle of water for you to have in the car, and a spare power bank, in case your phone dies. How nice is that!

3. They can admit their mistakes

They do analyze things. A lot. But once they see a proof (preferably scientific), they don’t mind changing their mind. So, if you are in an argument and you play the words well – there’s a chance he/she understands the issue and admits defeat.

4. You don’t have to be jealous

If you’re dating a guy who’s studying engineering, do you really think he would even think about other girls? First of all, there are barely any girls in his faculty! Such a relief 🙂

5. Your parents will be glad

Imagine the moment when, during a family gathering, you announce that you’re dating someone. And that person is studying engineering also. The reactions?

Mom: Finally! I’ve been praying for so long!

Dad: That’s my child! Good job!

Grandma: When is the wedding? I want to still be in good health to attend it!

So yes, you can say that most of the family would definitely approve your choice.  Lucky you!

6. Masters of planning

They’re project-based people. For example, your date is a “date project” that can be perfectly planned and executed – as long as they have enough time to do this.  Dating your engineering bae will not be just about going for coffee or to the cinema. You can expect road trips, picnics in the park and all these movie-style dates that you’ve always wanted to experience!

7. They can handle stress and pressure

Because their studies are so stressful and he professors are usually quite tough, they’ve learned how to grow thick skin and just focus on the goal. They can keep their cool and handle the situation, even if you are freaking out and feel absolutely lost. How amazing is that!

8. They believe in hard work – not only at the university

From the beginning they realized that engineering studies are difficult and they will probably have no social life while studying. But they still decided to go for it – because eventually, their future job and salary will be worth all the pain. Same thing happens in their relationship – they know that even if you are having arguments sometimes, and you might not be 100% perfect together, in the end it is all worth the time and attention, and they will not give up just like that.


Zuzanna Ch
World traveller, but with the heart stuck in Malaysia.