Sh*t Horrible Housemates Do In Student Accommodation

The world is normal until you discover the creature, HOUSEMATE.

Wear Your Own Clothes Dude

According to my friends, this actually happens all the time. I guess housemates just couldn’t afford a piece of t-shirt or yours are truly fashionable. Can you imagine there have been shady ideas running in their head every time you wear their targeted outfit? And of all the clothes, they pick your favorite ones that you don’t even wear them often.

I’m Not Your Mum, Wash Your Own Dishes

You may be a spoiled kid back home; your mum did the laundry and dishes, I ain’t your mum, wash your own dishes or don’t eat and starve yourself to death. You life in a student hostel, take care of yourself.

My Bed Is Not Mine

I actually experienced this myself back in the time when I was sharing a room with someone in my first semester. I only stayed there for the weekdays and be at home during the weekends as it wasn’t far from my uni. So there was this one time where I needed to get back to hostel and take something; there you go, nobody in the room, but I found mystery stuff on my bed. My ex-roommate threw her undies not on my bed, not on the edge of my bed, not on my blanket; it was on my freaking PILLOW! Do you know what you use a pillow for? A pillow is for you to rest your head and neck while sleeping, it’s actually recommended to replace your pillowcase frequently for hygiene purpose, and my roommate just kept her worn undies laying on my pillow like that! Why on earth would you do that?!

Unexplained Hair On Razor

I can deal with the sudden shortage of my shampoo and sanitary pad, I can even deal with the hairs on the bathroom floor, but can’t you get your own razor? I don’t even understand why would someone attempt to use a used razor, don’t they feel disgusting?

All The Noises

Playing movies or music on speaker in a living room is acceptable, but not in a small sharing room where there are only the two of you, and one of them is sleeping, yes that’s you poor thing. Somehow your housemate just doesn’t care whether you are sleeping or not, they naively thought that you won’t be interfered by the noise they made.

I am green.