Small Bedroom Hacks For Students

You know what they say, “change your bedroom before you change the world.” Mum always say too much stuff lah, not enough space lah. So here we give you some small bedroom hacks! But now that you’re out of home and staying on your own, it’s the time to get ready for a new life and move in with all those stuff your caring parents gave you from back home. However, you have a small room – too much stuff, too little space. But rest assured, we are not going to leave you from here.

1. Get A Fold-Down Desk

If there is no room for a chair, install the fold-down desk at the edge of your bed.

2. Make A Higher Bed For More Drawers

It is not the mountain we conquer, but the bed.

3. Fully Utilize The Walls

Honestly, can you think of something that can’t be put/hanged on the wall? Well, I can’t; even a bed can be mounted to the wall!

Be it an invisible bookshelf, or a clothes rack; don’t miss out any empty spaces!

Some people like myself who owns a guitar and love it too much to just leave it laying down or even touching the ground, well you can hang it up on your wall. Great decoration as well as a great spot for your beloved guitar.

4. Now, The Ceiling

After you’ve used up the spaces on the walls, give it a try on the ceiling, you might need some help from a tall friend. This may seem silly to you but I know one too many friends who ACTUALLY cycle to class. If your room is small and placing it on the floor would take up too much space, then this is your solution. Ceiling don’t work for you then to the wall it goes.

5. Mirrors, Mirrors, And Mirrors

Mirror doesn’t only make your room look more spacious but it also brings more natural light in especially when you have a windowless room. But bear in mind, do not get too many mirrors in one room though because then that would mean you have plans to transform your room into a haunted house. Jk

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