10 Beauty Hacks for the Frugal Campus Diva

Greetings earthlings; the sparkly universe says hello!

We here at Hostel Hunting know how hard it must be to juggle your finances around when you love make up! And it’s harder for students who love dabbling in beauty products when they have close to nothing by month end. Say no more girls (or guys we don’t judge!), but here are 10 hacks you can use that might extend the life of that RM90 mascara!


1)      Diversifying your make up.

Don’t let that big word scare you! It simply means to use your one item of make up for a billion other things. The bronzer that you splurged on can contour your face or double as an eyeshadow base colour or crease colour.

Use your white shimmery eye shadow as a highlighter and mascara as an eyeliner (this requires some form of practice though). Purchase lip tints instead of lipsticks as this can also replace blushers. And to amplify that eyeshadow colour, wet your brush for more colour payoff!   



2)      Use Vaseline as your Makeup clean-up.

Come on girls (or guys. Again, no judgement here), we know you have those wild nights out to celebrate ending an exam or just to let loose and live. However, pre-drinking while dolling up will result to winged liners being not on fleek.

Fret not, you can erase that crooked line or those eyeshadow fallout using your Vaseline! We recommend you get it anyway to keep the chap from your lips. Nothing screams euwh than cracking lips.

Woman cleaning face studiovespa


3)      Use Vaseline to elongate the scent of your EDT.

Let’s get real people, we know perfumes can be costly. However, eau de toilettes or EDT are just as fragrant as perfumes or eau de parfums. If you want to make those last longer, we suggest to rub some Vaseline on the desired spraying areas like your wrist, behind the ears and inside your elbows before spritzing some on. This will make the scent linger longer and you will stay delicious the whole day!



4)      Save those dried up mascaras!!

So you spent RM90 on that Benefit mascara and it is all dried up but you swear you just had it for a few weeks! Don’t worry your pretty little faces. We have a solution for that.

For the revival of your dried up mascara, put the tube into a mug of hot water and let it sit. After a few minutes, et voila you have saved your mascara!



5)      Toothbrush for more than just brushing your teeth.

Yes, the toothbrush is good for more that ensuring your teeth stays plaque free. A clean old toothbrush can be used to either exfoliate your lips, backcomb those baby hairs, groom those Cara D brows and to clean under your dirty nails.

One toothbrush to rule them all, one toothbrush to bind them.



6)      Apply false lashes like a pro.

Nothing beats a good horror story like gluing your eyelids shut courtesy of those darn lash glues. How to avoid from being a patched eye pirate is to cut the lash in three small pieces and to apply each section individually.

Make sure you remember in which sequence though otherwise you will end up with wispy lashes on the front and short baby hairs in the back!



7)      How to make your eyes appear larger.

After one too many nights painting the town red, studying, yam-cha-ing or whatever it is you young people do these days at night that causes you to lose sleep, there’s noooo way you can run away from panda eyes!

Don’t worry, revitalise your tired dull eyes by applying nude eyeliner to your waterline and you will look wide awake in no time. I would suggest to avoid using white liners as it will look too harsh and unnatural.



8)      Pout Like a trout.

Okay, maybe a trout is going too far to make it rhyme. Anyway, don’t deny that in whatever form of social media that Kylie Jenner is in, her mouth is the centre of attention. Don’t worry guys, you don’t need temporary lip fillers or 10 minutes sucking into a shot glass to achieve this look.

Just slightly over line your lip shape with a nude liner and apply a matte lipstick. Dab a little bit of that white eyeshadow as a highlighter to your cupid’s bow and below the centre of your lower lip. This creates an illusion of a fuller lip and dab a little bit of translucent powder for it to last all day!  



9)      Use conditioner to shave your legs.

Let’s just face it guys, shaving cream is a luxury we can’t afford if we’re buying all these branded beauty things. Substitute it with the hair conditioner you already have as it will leave your skin feeling moisturized.

Additionally, if you think about it, conditioner softens your hair ergo hair on your legs will be softer and easier to shave.



10)   Lighten dark foundation.

So you spent 3 hours (1 and a half hour to find a foundation you like and another half swatching it to find your shade) in Sephora and finally purchased your desired foundation only to come home and find that it is two tones darker than you!

Calm down and grab your favourite moisturizer and mix it up. This will give you a lighter tone and a dewy finish. Problem Solved.



We hope that you found these hacks useful as some of these has helped us (the working adults) to cut costs on our beauty needs as well.

With these knowledge imparted to you, go forth and frost yourself!

Zuzanna Ch
World traveller, but with the heart stuck in Malaysia.

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