TOP 10 Fashion Instagrammers You Should Follow As A University Student in Malaysia

Being university students, our biggest struggles may lie in the morning. To i) get out of bed after all-nighters, ii) stay dressed in order to appear at the minimum level of sanity.

To find a solution to two of your problems while ensuring that you’re getting the best feed you can get, here’s a list of 10 best fashionistas on Instagram to follow:


1.     @zoeypky



Currently a student at Taylor’s University, Zoey’s feed is warm, striking and inspirational. She is a regular collaborator with organisations such as Camplus Plus, representing communities like IGersMalaysia, etc. Her fashion sense seems as quirky as her attitude towards life; unlike some other ‘fashionistas’, she creates her own brand and style and does it with a rare sense of empowerment.

Despite her follower spikes, she remains true to herself and her antics as she churns out her emotions and antics through her space on the World Wide Web: her blog, all the while maintaining a stylish exterior.



2.     @charisow


Source: Tongue in Chic

Charis Ow has been an influential presence in the Malaysian fashionista scene for a while, and she has worked with brands like Benefit to further her reach to the international community. Charis dresses as she smiles: graceful and genuine. You can usually spot her in white, floral or lace as she challenges the notion that women who dress like ‘traditional women’ cannot also empower others at the same time. Her posts are constantly supportive of the accomplishments of other females and meritable people, making her posts happy and inspiring to scroll through.



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3.     @venicemin



Venice has also recently graduated from Taylor’s Lakeside. She is ambassador for big-brand names like SONY and Swarovski, studies to get her degree and works to support herself at the same time! She preaches that balance is important to life, and looking good is definitely included in that balance. Even though she mostly can be found on magazine covers, her Instagram depicts her as almost always in beachwear. You can draw from her inspiration on how to dress casually while looking natural and I-just-woke-up breezy.




4.     @timurgabriel




Timur is a TV host with 8TV, and her style adventures are as fun as reading her Instagram posts. She’s the true experimenter: she wears anything and everything to show that she’s unafraid of challenging norms about the way people dress. She’s also a great advocate for fitness and health!



5.     @naddy_rahman




Nadzirah, better known as Naddy, is currently a law student at HELP University. Her style is as diverse as her knowledge; she channels her patriotic spirit through dressing in traditional Malaysian costumes one day, and dressing in a highly cosmopolitan, urban manner the next.

Having been dubbed the Malaysian Jennifer Lawrence, she also posts about her failures and how she learns from them, especially ones in the legal sector. In a nutshell, Naddy dresses professionally yet is able to infuse her posts with that ‘homegirl’ vibe.


6.     @alexissueann



Alexis and her choice of clothing are funky (in every sense of that word) yet down-to-earth. With bleached blond hair that actually matches her skin tone and personality as an emcee, she shows college students how to dress effortlessly by wearing blocked colours effectively, in different textures.


Source: The Star


7.     @marisasoraya




Relaxed, cheerful and beachy (not its pun), Marisa Soraya seems to have it all. Her personality shines through her witty Instagram pictures and perfectly-sunlit shots of her photogenic self. She’s currently a student at Taylor’s Lakeside and seems to dress too well for a university student supposedly cramming a lot of things onto her plate. Look out for her posts to see ways in which you can dress up and still be down for classes!




8.     @jovin26


Jovin is the ultimate monochrome queen. She dresses in tweeds and all kinds of fabrics but always in black, white and grey. The way she does it makes her unconventional: instead of the traditional white crop-top and black high-waisted skirt, she wears black cut-out dresses that show her white shorts in the middle. We’re not sure if anyone else can pull that off, but she can!



9.     @haidayusof



Haida recently started her own couture blog at, and so is clearly someone proud of her Malaysian heritage, blending her ethnic roots well with international fashion norms, which is why her upmarket brand is so appealing to many. Follow her to look at ways you can revamp your daily outfits to insert a boost of high-fashion!




10.  @estherzhen



Esther, who holds a Bachelor’s Degree and has started several companies (Uniqueens and Duodreams), has a style that matches her qualifications. She is classic business chic with the attitude of someone who cares equally about aesthetics and practicality.




So, remember to follow them and check out their hottest update from time  to time !


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