10 Challenges Every Malaysian University Student Will Face

We all know every students in Malaysia will face a lot of challenges during their university life, and as you read the list below, you might recognize most of them!

PS The article is a fun way of summarizing the college experience and it’s not meant to offend anyone.


1.Add & Drop Competition


When Add/Drop happens, your student life is at stake –  this is the time when you can make sure that you enjoy your next semester (while some sleepyheads seal their fate with the opposite). Everyone wants to sleep longer and NOT wake up early, and NOT go home at crazy 8PM when it’s already dark. And what about a never-ending 3-hour long gap in between classes? Ewww. We all hate it!

So setting up the class schedule is the moment when YOU are the king. That is, if you do it on time, and if the classes are flexible. Sometimes, lectures are settled and you can’t change anything much (So Pray GuanYinMa so hard & hope that I don’t kena). Oh, and there’s also the issue of eating lunch with your friends at a normal hour. Who wants to eat lunch alone at an odd 2.30 PM, right?

So, before you choose your timetable for next semester, it is best to plan ahead: think of which subjects are you going to take next semester, find a spot with a super strong WiFi, and you’re all set! However, if your university’s IIS system is heavily loaded with traffic, then it really depends on your luck 😛

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2.What To Eat? The biggest question for any Malaysian student


Seriously, every student really hates this. This question is just extremely annoying – and it comes back like a boomerang every single day! Every time when the discussion about makan starts, we all end up in the same point:
“Eh eat what ar?”
“I don’t know , cincai la”
“Nasi Lemak”
“Ewww so oily!”
“Economic Rice?”
“Yesterday ate already la!”
“How bout korean food?”
“Too fatty.”
“Then you decide la!”
(Endless discussion happening)

3 Morning Classes


When the semester starts, and you get your class schedule, the first thing you do is to check if you have any morning classes. And if you do – BANG, you’re dead. This is because morning classes mean waking up early, combing your hair while half asleep, taking cold morning shower, waiting for public transport which is always late in the morning rush… No wonder nobody has any motivation to wake up! And yeah, have I mentioned that it’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to focus on whatever the teacher is saying as your eyes are closing during the class?

4 What To Wear?!


Typical “first world problem” everyday before going out – WHAT TO WEAR? Opening the closet and staring at all the clothes hanging, while nothing seems just right. ALL the clothes here were seen in college before and you wish you could just find this one perfect “statement” piece that’s just IT. You wish you owned the whole Topshop or H&M, but well –  being a student means you are broke AF.

So why do you need to wear something awesome? Because of these 3 reasons:

  • Trying to impress your crush
  • Praying that your lecturer gives you a good mark because of your clothing (hey, who knows!)
  • Just being cool and fabulous in the campus (since you’re a fashionista wannabe)

But in Malaysia, keeping up with the fashion trends is quite difficult: leather jackets, sweaters and winter collections are a no-no, unless FASHION IS LIFE to you. So if you really want to wear it all, study hard to go for a scholarship abroad, or… keep it simple! Jeans and tshirt will do.

5. Group Assignments


Choosing the right group members is the most crucial decision you ever make because if you choose wrongly, your whole semester will more miserable than you can ever imagine!

It’s all simply because with every person you choose for your group, you will be also welcoming different kinds of excuses. There’s one person who will never show up for the group  discussion, explaining it for whatever reason. Next is the MIA person – the one who never picks up any of your calls, and replies emails only at the end of the semester… But be sure – this person will appear suddenly at the final presentation, only to add a few words to the report you compiled. So choose your team wisely – may the force be with you!

6. Assignments Will Make You Sick ( Malaysian Student Version) 


Assignments , assignments, assignments – they will make you feel like puking. Assignment 1, 2 ,3, –  it’s all like the never-ending story of any student in Malaysia. But for those who always procrastinate, burning midnight oil will be one of your regular activities during the days proceeding the deadline.

Another reason why assignments will make you sick is because lecturers from all your classes will always set the same week for the submissions deadline. It’s like they planned it to kill your soul! EVIL PLAN THE LECTURERS HAVE FOR STUDENTS.

7. Rich In Beginning Of the Month, Poor At the End


We all know that we are generally broke all the time, but during the beginning of the month, we somehow kinda have a little more cash in the wallet (if we work part time, or get allowance from parents).

Karaoke, movies, eating Carl’s Jr burger for lunch – this all happens only in the beginning of the month. When you reach the ending of the month, mamak and Ramly burger are always everyone’s number one choice. Come on, maggi goreng and teh o ais are always the best choice, compared to pasta carbonara and pizza.

So, don’t even jio me to Zouk if I am broke! (Unless you belanja la, heee)

8 . Student Skipping Class in a Malaysian Way


Every Malaysian student will skip class at least for once in their uni time. That’s as simple as 1,2,3. It may be because of many reasons, such as sickness, not being able to complete the assignments on time, or simply because of problems with getting to class on time. Blah blah.

But the real reason for skipping classes will always be LAZINESS! Oh well, is there’s a ladies night, which happens only once a week – who would say no to free drinks? And classes are happening every day, so you can always attend them on the next day. (But generally, making an excuse for being absent in a class because of going clubbing is probably NOT a good idea xP )

9. Crazy Stress Two Weeks Before The End Of The Semester


Two weeks before the end of semester usually mark the most tiring time of your life. Get ready for bags under your eyes, messy hair and wearing the same t shirt for the whole week. This will probably be the time where you rush for all the assignments and do revisions for your final exams simultaneously. Because one does not simply go to sleep the night before exam!

10. Counting Down Of Sem Break In Malaysia


Holiday, holiday, holiday! One month before the semester ends, you and your college mates are already planning the location for the getaway!

But the truth is, in reality, counting the days will always make you feel like everything moves extremely slow… Too slow for any Malaysian student!

Zuzanna Ch
World traveller, but with the heart stuck in Malaysia.

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