A Student in KL? These 10 items is a MUST to have in your backpack

KL, ohhh KL. The city of love and hate! Of most delicious food in certain places and most shady street food in some others. Where you’ll meet absolutely amazing human beings, but also thieves and pickpockets. Where LRT will (usually) not let you down, but driving is always a traffic gamble. And finally, it’s a city that never sleeps and you can always find a good party around, but if you need to study, someone will always guide you to a quiet, nice spot to read.

So, while our bags and backpacks are constantly getting smaller and smaller (at least, that’s what the fashion says), there are certain things that may save your life during your daily commute or classes as a student. Once you keep them with you, you’re covered for life!

1. Some Choki Choki sticks


Still the best choice in case of the small-but-powerful hunger that catches you in between classes. Also, if you sit at the back of the class, you might actually get away with eating your Choki Choki while in class, since they are small and you can eat them quietly. Just whyyy it’s sometimes such a problem to open them? Someone who works on the cutting machine in the production line needs some good tips for improvement, definitely.

2. Small umbrella with a cute print on it

Umbrella in KL is a must. Even if you use the LRT, you might need to get out from the station to change lines (helloooo, Bukit Nanas / Dang Wangi!) and if it rains, you’ll be so doomed without the umbrella. You know the feeling when you get wet in the rain and board the ever-so-cold RapidKL bus? Freezing cold! 

And yeah, if you are taking this umbrella game seriously, here are some ideas:

Minion umbrella


Folded backwards umbrella


3. Face mask


No, not the gorilla one, and not the classic horse head mask. Just a simple white mask that protects you from the unexpected haze! Well, since it’s here, you can’t do much about it. So just FACE the situation (*see the pun? lol) and wear a mask if it gets too gloomy. You can get a cute printed one, but they’re usually more expensive – so it will definitely hurt your wallet :/

4. Chopsticks

You think chopsticks could be used just for eating noodles? Naaah, come on! They’re super useful for so many daily situations!

You can use them to pin your hair in a classy way, if you suddenly need to look older and stylish:


You can use them to clean your shoes if you suddenly ended up in a sticky-muddy situation:


If the class is boring, you can make a chopstick rubber gun and shoot your friends in the first row:

24 23

5. Headphones


Stuck in a traffic jam in Ampang or Subang? Sitting in a boring-but-obligatory lecture? Without your precious headphones, you wouldn’t be able to escape far away! With them, besides good music, you are always surrounded with audiobooks and the sound of funny Youtube videos. 

6. That paper you sign but never read


Also called “The Syllabus”. You probably don’t care about it much – just like every student in your class. But it has 2 roles: 1) it’s small and fits in your bag 2) Reminds you about all the assignments, major homework and tests. Both roles are important, but especially number 2) – in the case, when the exam season is coming and you’re totally clueless on what to do. This little piece of paper can be a life saver!

7.  Coffee


Coffee = life! Especially good coffee, not this watered-down, sugared liquid from the vending machine. So, what do you choose? Home made coffee kept in a tumbler, or spending RM2.5 every day on this yucky coffee in the campus? Well, you also have a Starbucks option, but RM12 for a coffee every day? Just imagine how many roti cheese or chicken McNuggets you can get with this money in a month! 

8. Mints or chewing gum


The food in KL offers never-ending choices for lunch and dinner, but somehow almost every dish consists of garlic and onions. It’s all good and yummy, but what if right after lunch you have a class presentation and as you speak, you see the first rows of the class slowly backing up? Could it be your smell? Well, since anything is possible, just keep the mints with you, always.

9.  Powerbank


Somehow, whenever you need to charge your phone, the plug point is never available. Have you every tried to charge your phone in MidValley for free (not in Starbucks)? That’s one of the most difficult tasks known to humankind. With a powerbank, you are always covered!

10. Empty jar with a smell of Penang char kway teow


Whenever you feel down, you got a low grade on a test, or just broken up with your partner – just take out this jar, open it, and enjoy the heavenly smell 😉 In case you prefer some other Penang dishes, go ahead, but we’ve tested and char kway teow works miracles for most people! *ok, maybe we lied a bit about this point, but such jars would be so cool! 


Zuzanna Ch
World traveller, but with the heart stuck in Malaysia.