Dreaming, wishing, falling in love… We all know how it feels after watching your k-drama with your favorite actor. They are just too good looking! So… out of these 10, which dreamy guy would you like to join you at school?

1. Kim Tan – The Heirs


If Kim Tan was real, then we all must be living in Disney world – because he is just too good to be true. Kim Tan may appear to be arrogant at first, but he is actually very down-to-earth and kind. Even though he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he was able to connect with the less fortunate.

In one of the first few episodes, he was able to feel sympathetic towards Cha Eun Sang when her sister ran away with her money. He was kind enough to take her in and made sure she was safe and have a place to stay in, though he did not really know her. Later on when Kim Tan falls in love with Cha Eun Sang, he showed a different side of the character and became more affectionate. Now, we all need one or two people like this in our class!

2. Shin Joon Young – Uncontrollably Fond


Shin Joon Young was an intelligent and good-looking fellow in high school. He was known to have many girlfriends and to be a heartbreaker. As he grew to be an adult, he became a successful actor and singer. Still attractive and intelligent, he had more values to add on to his perfect image: his transparency in personality and his willpower to get what he want. By having a sunbae like this in college, we all would be as intelligent and as strong as he is…and of course we get to cuci mata lah. Lol

3. Yoon Ji Hoo – Boys Over Flowers


JI HOO SUNBAE! Ahh, he was such a miserable character in “Boys Over Flowers” – but if he was real, I bet many of us would be thankful for that! Lol. He’s got a pure soul with a sincere heart when he likes or loves somebody. He is very calm inside and outside. Ji Hoo sunbae would be our go-to person if we ever have trouble with homework or if anyone bullies us. His kind heart will protect us. Kya~

4. Jung Sun Woo – Monstar


Jung Sun Woo is the dream sunbae because this guy knows how to control a noisy class and a sticky situation. He’s a sincere person who can be strict and kind at the same time. When he liked Min Se Yi, he was so protective towards her! He would make sure that she got home safe and is never left alone with his rival Yoon Seol Chan. Even though Seol Chan has won Se Yi’s heart in the end of the day but Sun Woo won all our hearts by being the bigger person and the better friend. A friend like this in our college life would just make the memories sweeter.

5.Go Nam Soon – School 2013


Everybody needs someone like this guy. Really. Go Nam Soon was the most reliable and trustable character we all knew. He may be rivals with the naughty boy Park Heung Soo but he was able to forgive his long-time friend and be an optimist about things. Go Nam Soon sunbae would be everyone’s best friend and he would be a great leader to follow.

6. Kim Young Ho/John Kim – Oh My Venus (So Ji Sub)


Alright he may be too old to be our sunbae but we should have somebody like this in our class because he is super helpful and kind. When he fell in love Kang Joo Eun, he was an affectionate man and by having this type of sunbae, not only do we have the sweetest friend but the best potential boyfriend! Bonus point, he is super-hot and super-good-looking. *wink wink*

7. Lee Hyo Shin – The Heirs (Kang Ha Neul)


In this drama, Lee Hyo Shin is the perfect image of a sunbae. He is intelligent, honest, simple minded, has a strong willpower and is simply kind. Whenever his friends need him, he’s right there. He’s the type of person who would tell you that the dress you’re wearing makes you look fat. Even though he’s not the perfect boyfriend material – but still, if you’re just as honest then it’s a match made in heaven.

8. Yoo Shi Jin – Descendants of The Sun (Song Joong Ki)


He appears to be very snobbish and arrogant at first but later on he reveals a different side of him. He becomes this passionate lover boy and seems to crack jokes a lot. He is hilarious, mischievous and serious, and if that ain’t a weird combination of personality then I don’t know what is. This perfectly crafted character is the reason why we all need a sunbae like him. So #bae. Oh, did I mention? He’s really cute too.

9. Cha Dae Woong – My GF is a Gumiho (Lee Seung Gi)

unnamed-9He is actually a pretty annoying person. Nothing good to say. Why is he even in this list? Oh that’s right! It is because of his great sense of humor! He may be snobbish and stubborn most of the time, but he’s really funny and talented. Here’s why he would make a good sunbae; one, he sticks to what he wants and two, he is stubborn in a good way. He is the imperfectly-perfect role-model.

10. Gu Jun Pyo – Boys Over Flowers (Lee Min Ho)


Arrogant, bully, mean, rough and has got no respect for just about anyone except for his 3 good friends. And why is HE on this list? He happens to be a lot of people’s bias. Guilty as charged. I can, however, point out the good things about the infamous Gu Jun Pyo. He is proud; proud of himself and of his lover Geum Jan Di. He was able to flaunt her in front of everyone, wanting to make her look good. He is vulnerable; he would do anything to get what he wants even if it takes heartbreaks and whatnot. He’s just an overly adored sunbae that people don’t know why they even like. Lol.

Zuzanna Ch
World traveller, but with the heart stuck in Malaysia.