Why Malaysian university friends are the real friends for life?

Actually, there are more than a million reasons… But let’s talk about the most important ones.  Because studying in Malaysia doesn’t just equip you with the degree – but most importantly with Best. Friends. Forever!!!!

1. Your friendship is a choice

You were never pushed for this friendship, they are not your family that you “must tolerate”. You’ve met on the first day of university and you had this instant connection. Or maybe, you’ve met early on, but your friendship grew with time. Whatever the story was, you ended up being best buddies simply because your personalities clicked. And that’s the magic of true BFFs!

2. They’ve seen you at your worst

You’ve probably went through a lot together. You’ve participated in the craziest parties and they’ve seen you looking like a zombie, with messed up makeup and almost falling asleep at 3 AM on some sofa. Or you’ve been studying all night, and you ended up looking like vampires at 7AM. Nobody have seen you looking like this, even your mom!

3. They are there for you

They will stay up late just to listen to your life stories. They will call you or just visit when you feel lonely or homesick. They will belanja you a lunch in a canteen if you need it. And you know what? You would do exactly the same for them too! That’s what a real friendship is all about.

4. They don’t judge your past

You’ve all started your student life as a brand new start. Nobody was interested in your past stories, mistakes and awards. What mattered was your university life and how you’ve built your life from there. We all made mistakes in the past, but for your uni friends it’s totally fine – they love you and accept you with all your drawbacks and weird kinks.

5. You miss them after one day

Whenever it’s a public holiday and you balik kampong, you are super excited to see your family – but at the same time, you feel a certain sadness – because you won’t see your friends for a while! And when you come back from home, you share family stories, gossips, and the homemade food that your moms packed for you to take. 

6. You’ve managed to maintain your friendship through the exam session

If this is not a sign of forever-lasting friendship, then I don’t know what is. The crazy stress during preparations, studying together, sleepless nights, eating only maggi mee for 2 weeks, spending whole day without getting out from the dorm room… Been there, done that. And you’ve been helping each other out and sharing materials all the way! Now that’s the friendship spirit.

7. You hate the same people

That girl, who always reminds the professor about the upcoming quiz? Or the guy, who asked the question literally a minute before the class ends, so you all had to stay in class 15 minutes longer? Yup. Terrible people.

8. You are each others’ biggest fans

If your friends were to run for a president, you would be the head of their campaign, running around with posters and telling everyone how awesome your friends are. They would support you when the professor is considering giving you a higher/lower grade at the end of the semester, and they would talk only about the best features of yours, if your college crush is around.

9. You’ve built your life habits together

Nasi lemak on Tuesdays? Watching a romantic comedy every Wednesday? Passing a tissue to them every time you watch “Titanic”? You’ve built all these traditions together, and you can’t imagine your life without them.

10. They’re your family away from home

Whenever you feel lonely or homesick, they are like your brother and sister. They just feel like they are family, not just friends. You feel completely open towards them and you call them whenever you have a problem. They’re not just friends, they’re family.


Zuzanna Ch
World traveller, but with the heart stuck in Malaysia.