10 Sign Shows That Exams Are Just Around The Corner

It feels like just yesterday that you just started the semester. All the classes were simply easy, because everything the professors were saying was just about the introduction to the subject… You literally just blinked and OMG IT’S EXAMS SEASON! Here are 10 obvious signs that exams are coming soon!

1. You rush to finish all the assignments – all at the same time!

Yes, it’s assignments time. Finals are around the corner and yet you haven’t even finished your final assignments yet. How did it happen? You’ve always tried to keep everything under control, but every year as the exams come, you end up in the exact same situation…So the only option is to pray to god and wish for the time to slow down. But hey, at least you are better than some of your friends who are just starting to write their initial introduction a week before the exam! (RIP, guys)

2. “When are you going to start studying” conversations start to happen

It’s fairly easy to spot the time when the exam is around the corner – because you automatically start to ask yourself  about the exact time when you’re going to start doing revisions. Not only that – you will also start asking all your uni friends: “ When you gonna start studying ah?’’. Usually what happens is, everyone in your squad is still going out shopping and only the smart nerdy ones start studying a month before finals even start.

Best advice we can give you for this “hot hot season”? Ditch your squad (just for a while) and start studying before you regret!

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3. Thinking that maybe you should unsubscribe from Netflix and iFlix – at least till the end of exams

In those beautiful moments of motivation, when the strong will of studying kicks in, remember DO NOT even look at Netflix and iFlix icons. Have you looked? ABORT THE MISSION! Even if you plan to take a short break in reading your class materials and decide on something short, like “2 Broke Girls” or “How I met your mother” – let’s be real, you’ll never stop on only 1 episode. And not even 2 of them. Suddenly half of your daily study time would be gone in a thin air! Seriously, what kind of sorcery is this!

4. Your face is suddenly dotted with red spots

One of the signs that exams are coming gif

YES this happens to everyone, not just you. Don’t worry. Exam season = terrible state of everyone’s faces. Our beautiful or handsome faces are all ruined by the exam stress. Normally when you see a student that had a flawless face throughout the semester, but suddenly shows up with a skin full of breakouts, that’s a major sign that that this student has been studying really hard!

5. Eye bags on your face are heavier than your college bag

By the looks of it,  your eye bags are now officially heavier than all the books that you are carrying, and it’s a good sign! Well, just treat it as a badge of a “Hardworking Student”.

6. Not taking a bath for a week


Look around! Do you see students wearing the same outfit every day, with out-of-bed hairstyles? Well, it’s a quite clear sign that they may have not been bathing for quite some time. It’s a crazy commitment, but in certain cases – it’s necessary to stop showering to get these additional 10 minutes of studying a day. Hey, don’t judge, we’ve all been there!

7. Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat become your to-go places 24/7

The more you want to stop yourself from going on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter, the more you end up craving it..  Avoiding to check your our social media profiles can easily lead to “social media hunger” – and once you beat the hunger, you end up scrolling the feeds and writing comments for 3 hours! And that’s the moment you probably say to yourself… *FML* .

8. Coffee and Redbull. Coffee and Redbuuuuuulllllllll…

Staying up late? Craving some energy? Take a coffee, mix it with Redbull! And 100Plus too. The time of exams preparation turns each of us into a crazy scientist, trying to find a recipe for the best drink which helps to study effectively. Well, let’s just say after a couple of exams you already know that milo doesn’t mix with 100Plus, and that drinking too much coffee just makes you poop a lot. Ehh.

9. All of the sudden, 24 hours a day is not enough for you

Why mornings suddenly come so fast? WHYYY? You just saw the last ray of light while watching the sunset with a laptop on your laps – and suddenly it’s already the dawn? Howwwwww?

10. Library is packed all day-  from the morning till the library closes. FULL HOUSE

When the finals are coming, you can see that the library suddenly becomes fully packed – until there is no more places to sit and you even need to sit on the floor, just to do your revision.

All the textbooks you needed to read become scattered around the library which makes you feel like you’re in a maze. Everybody will be hunting for books and if you’re not fast enough, you may be left with some old references books. The solution? Look for friends who took good notes throughout the semester, they might be your saving grace!

Zuzanna Ch
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