10 Signs You Are An Overachiever

Hint: If you’re scrolling through Hostel Hunting’s blog posts in your free time, you might already be one 😉


1. Your “condensed resume” is over two pages long

The fact that you have a “condensed resume” is already an achievement in itself, really! It shows your understanding of the need to be concise while still getting the message across that you are an amazing, highly productive person that anyone would hire. Good for you!

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2. You have a fully updated LinkedIn page with 100+ connections

Despite LinkedIn being originally “designed for professionals”, you are still taking an advantage of it, even as a student. You use LinkedIn to its maximum potential, networking with as many industry experts or like-minded students to gather as many opportunities as you can to grow as an individual, and to advance your career path.

3. You have already made internship plans for summer 2017

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You prepare for things way earlier than necessary – especially when it’s the matter of travels, food or new computer games. Even if you procrastinate, you procrastinate on time, and in Excel.

4. In your mind, you basically have a 90-second elevator pitch ready when you introduce yourself to new people

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When someone asks you “What do you do?”, you are hard-pressed to give an answer that consists only of “I study CIMP at Sunway!” or “Oh, I study the IB at KDU College!”

No, you are way more than “just a student.” Although you try not to boast, little facets of your overachiever identity may creep into networking conversations with strangers. “I’m a founder and the CEO of a social enterprise,” you burst out, as someone brings up poverty and how no one is doing anything to solve it. Your humility is appreciated, fellow overachiever.

5. You have bags under your eyes on a Monday, and when someone asks you what you did all weekend, your answer isn’t “Zouk” or “Play” or “Changkat”

Concerned Friend: “Wtf were you doing all weekend? We barely saw you!”

You: “Yo, I was studying, then I went for a couple of organisation meetings, then I went off to a friend’s birthday dinner. I was also at a three-day youth leadership summit!”

Concerned Friend: “…”

6. You like to start new things

Be it organisations, school societies, companies, homework clubs… you’re a great leader, and you know it. You’re highly passionate, and are constantly finding ways to involve others in the things you do and love. What a waste of your own talent, if you don’t take action now!

7. You have a To-Do list as tall as you are

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Todoist, Wunderlist, Trello, … the list goes on. You are thunderously efficient with your use of time. You get mad at anyone who disrupts your Pomodoro timer and your meticulously time-prioritized Passion Planner. Every minute is one karat of gold, he-llo.

8. You read self-help books and have long-term strategies

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Besides daily traditional To-Do Lists, you also organize your monthly accomplishments, yearly goals and lifetime bucket lists. You read books like “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey and “Better Than Before” by Gretchen Rubin to come up with even more comprehensive plans to improve yourself.

9. You never feel satisfied with your accomplishments

You aim high, and your personal goals are sometimes higher than what is humanly capable. You are hungry for experiences and hold yourself to insanely high standards. While this pushes you forward, you sometimes forget to take a breather and enjoy the passing moment.

10. Your friends either think you’re a huge nerd or are super incredulous at your achievements, but you brush them off

Source: BigSoccer

This is a widely experienced phenomenon called the ‘Impostor Syndrome’, where high-achieving individuals constantly feel underwhelmed by their own abilities, constantly downplaying themselves, because they feel that their accomplishments either i) are faked by themselves, or ii) were not accomplished by virtue or merit, but by sheer fortune and luck.

Source: Training Journal

But to all overachievers out there: You are enough. You are amazing. Continue doing what you do, because the world needs more passion and socially-conscious actions.

Wanna be on top? Be an “overachiever” – but remember to love yourself and never forget why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Zuzanna Ch
World traveller, but with the heart stuck in Malaysia.

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