10 signs that you’re addicted to Snapchat

Aww, this cute little, playful Snapchat ghost! You love him so much! He’s always there, just a click away <3 But wait, what if… he was suddenly gone? Does this terrify you? Your phone without Snapchat? Let’s check how addicted are you! And yeah, no lying, please! The Snapchat ghost sees everything!

1. Just woke up?

Open your eyes an check your feed! So much has happened since you checked it last, like 6 hours ago! Let’s not forget, the craziest Snaps are created on some crazy parties, at 3 AM! Classic.

2. You are turning into a Picasso

Since you’ve started to Snap, your drawing skill level has gone crazy high! You started with small stars and hearts, and now? People are asking you, how can you finger-draw something that seriously resembles your math teacher so much! 

3. You would never REALLY admit how many selfies you click in a day.

Come on, who do you think I am? Of course, I click selfies sometimes. Maybe more often than you. But just look at these new filters! How could you not use them!

4. You had a picture with the “doggy” filter set as your Fb/Whatsapp/Snapchat profile pic at a certain moment of your life.

What to do, it’s just the cutest filter of all times. You can’t just Snap a picture with it, you have to keep it forever! And show it off 🙂 Do you think a job resume with a “doggie” filter selfie would pass? Just asking, who knows 😉

5. Upping your score is your ultimate life goal.

Talking to someone with a score lower than a 300? Nah, don’t bother. Life starts from your first 1000 points!

6. You’re a tiny-tiny stalker. Sometimes.


Your friends tend to be extremely surprised when they figure out that you know all the small details about their life. You know the details of their bedroom decor. You know what they had for breakfast last Thursday. And the number of the new lipstick they are using. Once they forget that they show it in Snapchat, they get a bit scared of you!

7. Travel = new geotag


Snap with a geotag or it didn’t happen. You’re happily collecting new designs as you travel, instead of magnets or postcards. Tags are just so much cooler and cuter!

8. Your phone’s memory is filled with selfies and screenshots


Whenever someone asks you, what do you want to get as your birthday present, you wish you could get an unlimited memory for your phone. Who knows, maybe one day it will happen!

9. You’ve snapped while on the toilet

At least once in your life. That’s like a milestone in every Snapper’s life!

10. You’re never alone.

You feel like your friends and favourite celebrities are always with you. And if it’s a boring day with less Snaps… there’s always this lady.

Zuzanna Ch
World traveller, but with the heart stuck in Malaysia.