10 Signs That You’re an Instagram Addict

2.5 billion. This is how many “hearts” are given each day on Instagram. How many are given by you? Don’t be shy, we all love scrolling the feed and looking at these yummy waffles or couple pics. And selfies. Well, mostly selfies. 

How crazy are you about your Insta-life? Let’s find out! How many of these signs are applicable to you, pretty human?

1. The anticipation for the first like on your new pic is killing you.

Will they like it? Have you used the hashtags properly? Maybe you’ve posted too early and nobody’s online yet? So many questions arise with every new post! You almost stop breathing until the first like shows up. But once it does…. your life comes back to normal!

2. Going the extra mile for a pic doesn’t scare you


All it takes is one look. And you know straight away – the flower vase has to be removed from the table, the cutlery moved into one place, and your friends have to definitely get their hands off the table! You don’t care if people stare – you’ll get up and stand on the chair to take this perfect, flat table shot. 

3. Faking it (sometimes)

So, you’re a fan of savoury food. But sweet stuff looks just so much better on pictures, that sometimes you go to a cafe or pastry shop, just to snap some clicks. And then just pass the cake to your BFF or sister. Come on, you don’t even like chocolate/coffee/waffles!

4. You’re a hashtag sifu

Your hashtag game is so strong, if anyone was to wake you up in the middle of the night and pass a picture to post, you would come up with 20 matching ## in a matter of minutes! You know all the seasonal trends, tricks to bring more likes and followers, and probably even keep a list of hashtags to copy and paste easily. GG

5. Toilet is your Insta-Kingdom

You can’t imagine going to the bathroom without your phone. This is where the magic happens! This is where you give the most of the likes and explore the new hashtags. How can you just sit on the “throne” and do nothing? That’s crazy. Btw, you also have some “bathroom selfies” in your profile, but you feel a bit ashamed of them.

6. Numbers are life


Hearts, followers, messages… You live for the ever-growing numbers, and the bright box at the bottom-right of your Insta-feed is your favourite part of the app. All hail the numbers! Would you be friends with someone who has less than 100 followers? Duh?

7. After uploading the photo, you check straight away if it fits your collection

What if it’s too bright, or you forgot to resize it? Your profile is a display you’re 100% proud of, and if something doesn’t fir – it has to be changed, or deleted forever!

8. You tell everyone how stupid other social networks are

Come on, who uses Twitter or Facebook anyways? They’re too commercialized, and your parents have accounts there! Red alert, at least they can’t see your Insta profile, because it’s profile. Phew. 

9. You’ve deleted one of your photos, because it got only 5 likes

You’ve got to keep an image of an Instagram sifu! Ok, there was this one picture that you thought was good, but somehow, it got almost no traction. It just had to go! So you deleted it and behaved like nothing ever happened.  RIP, bad Insta photo.

10. It’s hard for you to really relax when you’re in a rooftop bar or climbing a hill

So many opportunities to take awesome shots! You are walking around, zooming in and out, trying to post everything right away, to show your friends how cool it is. It gets so busy for you that… you don’t have time to grab a drink or simply relax with your phone down! Ehhh difficult life of an Insta-lover!


Zuzanna Ch
World traveller, but with the heart stuck in Malaysia.