10 Sign Shows That You’re a Mass Comm Student

You’ve been exposed! HAHA.

But well, not in a bad way. You may and may not have noticed that this is you. It’s describing your personality. It’s describing you. If you have these symptoms, we suggest you go see a doctor. Preferably Dr. Seuss. LoL. Just kidding. Here’s some sign that actually show you’re a mass comm student.

1. You’re an adrenaline thrill seeker!

You like going on car rides, sight-seeing, walking around in the park or lake or somewhere pretty and nice. If you see a white rabbit, you’re most likely to follow it into the woods.

2. You just can’t stay in one place for too long

The perfect word would be: RESTLESS. Malaysians will understand it as, “Tak boleh duduk diam.” You must do something, you can’t sit down in one spot doing nothing. You’ll either fiddle your fingers or play with your mouth. Eeew… IKR but well that’s what happens when you don’t have anything to do but wait.

3. Up for anything, anytime!

I know what you’re thinking, “Isn’t it the same as point .1?” Actually, it isn’t. Outgoing, you are up for anything. 2AM your friend calls you and says, “Bro, I wanna go McD. You wanna come with me ah?” Your immediate answer, YES.

4. Spontaneous, YESSS

You don’t really have a plan for anything, you just go with the flow. “Whatever comes, whatever goes” is the motto. You don’t need to prepare much for a speech because it’s all in your head anyways!

5. You love the spotlight!

You pretend to dislike it when someone recognizes you on the street or in the campus, but actually you’re having a little party inside. The more people know you, the better it makes you feel. When your junior comes to you and says that a lecturer mentioned your name in class, you celebrate. LMAO. Don’t lie to me.

6. You are able to listen just about every type of music genre

You like the beats that make you dance, the melody that calms you and the lyrics that make you cry. You like rap music, rock music and pop music. Maybe a little too much in one of the genres but you can listen to all, that’s what makes you special. ☺

7. U-N-I-Q-U-E! 

You stand out –  lecturers and friends remember you after meeting you just once. Why you ask? Because you are different. You either talk too much or too loud, you have a weird hair color or you wear different kind of clothes. Personality wise, perhaps you have a weird fetish or you do something weird before sitting down. Nomsayin’?

8. Naturally famous

YES, IT DOES COME NATURALLY TO YOU. You can deny it but it’s true. Maybe you don’t see it, but people recognize you and remember you easily. You’re really friendly and fun, that’s why.

9. Ridiculously good looking

Deny, deny, deny. Go look in the mirror and come back here. The boys and girls are always behind you, following you and wanting to be around you. You are just ridiculously handsome/beautiful. P/S: You’ve also got a bunch of friends and people that genuinely like you. Beware: Haters gonna’ hate!

10. Expressive, SUPER expressive

You tend to use MANY hand gestures while you talk. Your eyes widen when you say something crazy. You look crazy but noh, you’re just open and able to put your feelings to actions; expressive. 


Zuzanna Ch
World traveller, but with the heart stuck in Malaysia.