10 Things Parents Say When You’re Staying On Your Own

We know how much parents love us – but come on, we need to grow up and learn the rules of life anyway, right? There isn’t a book out there that teaches us “How to Adult”, so all we can do is to learn from our own mistakes. Mum and dad sure enough love us so much that they keep calling to check up on us. It does get annoying at a certain point – but let’s stay calm guys. It’ll be our turn one day.

1. “Don’t forget that you need to take this with you. And this, and this, and this. Oh and this too.”

We sort of “like but don’t like” the fact that parents, especially our moms, supply us with so many household items. We are moving temporarily, not forever, ma. Sigh. Well, they do come in handy at some point but…you know.

2. “Got wash your clothes and dry out properly or not?”

Every single time! The washing machine is right there, we will wash our clothes eventually. Although it’ll take us a week or so but we will do it…eventually!

3. “What you cook today? Show me.”

This happens to those of us who don’t usually go out for dinner. “Here, I made Maggie Curry.” What some more can we cook lah, with the little time that we have, right? Okay fine, maybe there are days where we can cook fried rice or something but most days it’s the OG Maggie Curry!

4. “Where are you?”

Okay, whenever this question comes around, our hearts sink a little. At least for me. Lol. You can’t deny this, you’re usually out with some friends, late night about 11pm to midnight, and suddenly your parents hit you up with this question. So you go, “Oh I’m in my room, doing some assignments. Talk to you later. Bye.”

5. “Got drink a lot of water or not?

When we hear this, it’s a firm “YESSSSSSSSS.” That’s it. 

6. “Sleeping ah?”

It’s 8 or 9 o’clock at night, mum calls you and before she says a hello she goes, “Sleeping ah?”  Guilty as charged. If you aren’t exactly in your room, the answer is: “Yes, going to.” All in all, chilling with friends in the evening is worth a little lie sometimes.

7. “Don’t use air-cond so much ah.”

When you’re on your own, most hostels or rooms already have an air-conditioner installed. It can get extremely warm sometimes and naturally, you turn the air-cond on, forgetting that it’ll effect the bills in the end of the month. Nevertheless, amma and appa are always there to remind you not to use it. BUT IT’S TEMPTING, OKAY?

8. “Make sure you don’t trust your roommate too much, after susah.”

We’re not sure how true this is but we know a couple of friends who got told to keep a safe distance from their roommates – because apparently they can’t be trusted. Who knows, maybe they all panjang tangan or what, right?

9. “Don’t share food ah, mana tau…”

This rarely happens but it does affect many of us. Our mums have this mindset that our friends have “diseases” and they might get transmitted when we share our food or utensils with them. Have this ever happened to you?

10. “Got study today?”

It doesn’t matter if we’re at home,  living under the same roof as them, or if we’re living on our own – this question never dies.

Usually when they you us this question, you just look away and confidently say “Yes.” It’s not too convincing, that’s for sure! Then later on, if you feel guilty, you try to study, and end up falling asleep. Haha!


Zuzanna Ch
World traveller, but with the heart stuck in Malaysia.