10 Important Tips When Picking Your Student Accommodation

It is always best to be prepared. We would like to share some crucial tips on getting the perfect student room. One too many students have fallen for landlord traps or have been misinformed in some way, resulting in a miserable student with a crappy room.



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No one wants to get conned, so here are some helpful tips:

The Basics:

1) Take your time. Don’t let anyone rush you into a decision, choose what works best for you and/or with your chosen housemates.



2) Bring along a camera. Whip out your smartphone and snap away! Show the pictures to family and friends on their opinion; they might see things that you didn’t!



3) Ask questions! Don’t be shy! It’s a big money decision and you will be committed for an entire year, so choose wisely and don’t be pressured.



Getting Serious:

4) Location, Location, Location. This is one of the most important factors when selecting your accommodation. Find out how far away the accommodation is from your university campus, shopping, banks, grocer, clinics and hospitals, public transport hubs, etc.


Students generally wanna be close to the party scene but remember – these areas might not be best suited for studying and the area might be dodgy.



5) Safety & Security. It’s a parent’s worst nightmare to have their child get into trouble or be a victim of a crime; while they’re away at University. This is an issue that MUST be taken seriously, for everyone’s sake.


Check with the landlord that the accommodation has sufficient security measures in place. Keep in mind that CCTV’s don’t always cover all areas, so be sure to take your own precautions as well; like not going out too late, be vigilant at all times and never go anywhere alone, always bring a friend with you.


6) Electrical Appliances. Don’t be afraid to check all the electrical appliances provided by the landlord are in working order. Be clear on what items are included in the tenancy (eg: water kettle) and what items you need to get on your own.


Raise any concerns you may have to the landlord (eg: size of fridge, loose cables, battered plug sockets, etc), and make sure the issues are addressed before you move in.


7) Utilities. During the viewing, turn the taps to check that the water pressure is strong enough and the electricity is running effectively through the house/unit/room. Flush the toilet as well while you are there to make sure the system is working properly.


Also make sure to check if the Utilities are already included in the rental or will it be billed separately.


8) Furniture & Fittings. Student accommodations will usually have basic furniture included, ie study desk and chair. Check on their condition and cross-check it with the tenancy to make sure you aren’t falling short. Check the mattress too for any stains, mould or broken springs, this will save you a lot of discomfort in the future.


If the furniture isn’t up to standard, get the landlord to fix it or replace it. This is the time to discuss repairs and its conditions with the landlord; for before moving in and during your tenancy as well.


9) Talk to existing tenants, (if any). Their feedback will be unbiased, realistic and honest, from one student to another.


10) Make a good impression. As much as you are scrutinizing the landlord and his accommodation, he is scrutinizing you too; if you would be a suitable tenant for him. Dress neatly, speak politely and above all, convince the landlord that you are trustworthy and reliable.


This could potentially help you to secure the room/unit/house over someone else and could help you with negotiations too! 😉

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Zuzanna Ch
World traveller, but with the heart stuck in Malaysia.

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