15 Sign Shows That You Were An IB Student

Shoutout to all the IB grads out there! It feels like school ended just yesterday, right? Let’s go back and go through 15 most obvious signs that we were all in this together (sigh). Here are our chosen signs showing that you were an IB student:


1. Nobody understands what your IB acronyms mean.

TOK, EE, IA, CAS, IOC, HL, SL, IOP and WT are all acronyms you’re familiar with. The best part is when nobody else knows what you’ve been on about. When you call your A-Level friend in Taylor’s College and complain about the amount of “IOC prep, WT drafts and EE final drafts” you have to complete by tonight, he doesn’t understand a word you’re saying.

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2.In fact, nobody else really gets you at all.

you are an IB student meme

When you’re talking about epistemology from your beloved TOK class and proposing theories like Bernoulli’s Error and Craik and Lockhart’s depth-of-processing theory in daily conversation, you’re met with daily silence.

3. You legitimately signed petitions against the IB because your exams were so difficult.

IB student exams meme
IB student exams meme

4. You feel smarter than the average population.

After all, you just learned enough content from six subjects that’ll give you enough college credit to skip your freshman college year.

5. You resonate completely with this video of Hitler raging at IB Biology.

This was you when you got your IB results.

6. You laugh at HL Physics and Math students. If you are one, you laugh at yourself.

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And regret that first moment you ever thought it was a good idea to take these subjects.

7. Your bond with your classmates was mostly a bond of shared agony.

Since conversations revolved around complaints about lack of sleep and how much IB homework you have, there was not much time to socialise freely.

8. You logged in “dancing in a party” as action hours for your CAS.

Any physical activity counts, right? You might as well make parties academic.

9. You preferred to sleep in rather than go out the night before.

Your weekends weren’t filled with social activities but with bedtime and philosophical discussions about Kant and cognitive science.

10. When someone says “A-Levels are so much harder than the IB,” you punch them.

You seethe in anger.

11. You know it’s death week when the final drafts of your TOK, EE, all your IAs and WTs are due within seven days.

Don’t forget the mock exams coming up in two weeks.

12. Instead of going on your class camp, you’re forced to stay in school to finish your Extended Essay.

13. You had to write a whole 2,000-word essay about math. In high school. When you don’t even plan on studying it further.

“My major is English literature…”

14. The first thing people notice about you are your dark eye circles.


Your nickname was probably Raccoon or Panda at some point in your life.

15. When people ask you “What’s your grade?” and you say “43,” no one understands.

“We’re graded on a scale of 1-7…” “What? Say that again?…” “Never mind.”

“So did you get all As?” *rolls eyes*

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