5 Bad Habits That Are Good For the Malaysian Students

Ever promised yourself that this year you are definitely going to start fresh and flick off those uncontrolled impulse creeping into you, only to give in to the ‘demons’ in a couple of hours? There is nothing to be ashamed of – because we all have been there.

You might want to hold on to those bad rituals as not all bad habits are proven to be ‘bad’ as they can be beneficial. Here are 5 common bad habits that are not as harmful as you think:

Ditching the Bathing Ritual

Okay, so here it goes. If class starts at 8 am, students got to spare 15 to 30 minutes to get up and shower. Not to mention, the ladies have to go through beauty rituals from picking up their outfits, styling and covering up those restless nights face with tons of makeup products, etc. And don’t get me started on the heavy jams every morning! Imagine all the things you could spend your time on by just skipping it! Daily showers only strip off your skin from its natural oil layer and leave the skin dehydrated. My advice is to let the oily skin be the new crazy highlighter.



It’s the time to stop discriminating and start appreciating the potty mouth that we all have within ourselves. There is no harm in swearing as it allows us to communicate effectively while showing our emotional reaction towards something. So next time, when someone asks you to rinse or ‘Clorox’ your mouth in your university or in your cozy little habitat, tell them to go F@#% off and start embracing the REAL YOU.

Binge-Watching a Show


Binge-watching a show has been declared a “pandemic” as it is now a common practice for students on every college campus nationwide to watch their favorite show in one seating. One great benefit to this is to let those depressed crawlers out of your mind. So if you ever feel the need to kick back and relax for hours, go grab a living room or rent a room to accommodate your habit needs. If you are reading this, gather all your dorm residents together and start binging! Because you know what they say, “The More the Merrier”!

Giving in to your cravings

A bar of chocolate will not turn you into a gobbler. Drinking 3 cups of coffee a day will not turn you into a caffeine addict. So please don’t overstress yourself after giving in to your desires. Cravings are there for a reason, they are anti-depressants, and they can relieve stress, anxiety or emotions. No wonder, post-breakup students have the tendency to indulge more. Don’t worry pal! We understand you. If the ‘mamak’ is your heaven, then I advise you to just eat and care less of what others think because they are just jealous of your newly-found confidence.

Slacking off


Studying and working hard for long hours can negatively affect your brain, making you feel moody and less enthusiastic on fulfilling goals. You don’t want to live just to get through the days but you want to be able to detach yourself from the cognitive demands and let your mind wander off. So, grab a room near you, find a bed and just start chilling out for hours.


Zuzanna Ch
World traveller, but with the heart stuck in Malaysia.