5 Hottest Guys in KDU University College

Ladies, here it is! This is the list you’ve been waiting for – the brand new listing of totally cutest guys in KDU University College! Keep your eyes and social medias open – they’re out there, somewhere! 

*The list is completely subjective, of course. If you have any other candidates for the ranking, let us know!

1. Marcus Leong


Marcus is a guitar player and is very fond of his best friend, his beagle. His smooth guitar playing will get you distracted from your assignments, so catch him now on Instagram. Go ahead and share amazing tune and music with him! 

Marcus’s Instagram: @marc_guitarman

2. Chan Khye


Chan Khye is currently studying Mechatronic Engineering at KDU. He loves fitness and hanging out with his college buddies. Something extra for the ladies, he plays the piano and the saxaphone. A Musical Genius!

Khye’s Instagram: @khye_the_guy

3. Nor Mikhail


Nor Mikhail or simply known as Kyle is an entertainment arts student in KDU University College. Catch him performing live covers with his college mates on his YouTube Channel! His sweet and smooth serenades will brighten up your day. Ain’t gonna lie!

Kyle’s Instagram:@normikhail

4. Duzbiojit Singh


Follow Duz’s fitness journey on Instagram as he shares his insights and posts daily travel vlogs. He is an ex-national tennis player and now does power lifting. Duz is currently studying Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Laws at KDU University College.

Duz’s Instagram: @theduztionary

5. Bala Murugan Monogaran


Bala is currently studying Diploma in Mass Communication and he is the President of KDU University College. Known for his witty and outspoken personality on campus, Bala is very interested in Human rights and is a big fan of Coldplay. His favourite foods are Mac & Cheese and banana leaf rice.

Bala’s Instagram: @danielbala93