CHALLENGE: 4 Haunted Places in Kuala Lumpur All Students Need to Test Themselves

You might think that ghosts and other creatures are mostly found in the kampung. We did some research, and it seems like Kuala Lumpur is quite a scary city, and some areas might be too creepy to walk alone there at night. Would you believe?

Ok, so let us show you. BUT remember, while you go and explore, always keep your friends with you! Are you ready?

1. Bukit Tunku


This area is rather posh – so probably you wouldn’t think there could be ghosts around. But looks of the area can be deceiving! It is said that this place is a favourite spot for pontianaks (female spirits). People tell that the taxi drivers who live in the area refuse to pick up passengers who want to visit Bukit Tunku at night. So there has to be something going on there! Do you feel the chills already?

Chills factor: 7/10

2. Pudu Jail


If you are studying or living in the city centre, you must know where Pudu Jail is. Its huge wall and weird, creepy architecture is hard to miss. The jail was actually built during the Brits, and – surprise surprise – was used primarily as a prison for the prisoners of war. It was the most “active” during the Japanese occupation. Can you believe it hosted up to 2000 people inside? The creepy part? It wasn’t JUST a prison – people were actually executed there. Apparently, the sounds of screams and wailing of executed could be heard from far – and according to some people staying nearby, you can still hear the screams at night nowadays!

Not only that – the ghosts there have a special ability to change the place’s temperature – some areas of the jail’s remains are much colder, for no obvious reason.

PS The jail building was demolished in 2009, but who knows what can you experience in this area at night!

Chills factor: 8/10

3. Highland Towers


Now that’s a place with a story that deserves a horror movie to be made about it!

So this condo was built in 1993 and everything seemed to be ok. But then one day suddenly one part of the building collapsed for no reason. 48 people who lived inside died on the spot. Everyone else living in the building and round was evacuated and nobody returned.

The reason why the towers were never rebuilt was that a bit later it was revealed that the reason why the building collapsed was because of the surrounding soil – it was absorbing a lot of water and caused a landslide, and in the end – it weakened the building’s foundation. So there was no way to fix it with a decent cost – so the building just got completely abandoned.

But was it? Some say that at night it’s possible to hear the screams of people who died in collapse, and some of them (voices? ghosts?) actually scream for help.

Chills factor: 10/10

4. Aeroplane Bungalow


It’s one of the infamuos buildings in Cheras. If your family stays there, you might have heard about it once or twice.

So the story goes: the building belonged to Mona Fandey Рa bomoh who used her black magic skills to help politicians achieve influence. Somehow, in 1993 she apparently murdered, dismembered and skinned (yuck!) the politician Mazlan Idris, while conducting a black magic ceremony.

She was charged and executed in 2001, and it is said that right before the execution she said “I will never die”, which may mean that some of the items at her house still has her soul in it.

Chills factor: 10/10


Zuzanna Ch
World traveller, but with the heart stuck in Malaysia.