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5 Apps With The Best Student Deals in Malaysia

RM15 for a latte. RM21 for chicken aglio olio. RM16 for a piece of cake. Your stomach hurls at all the money you just forked out for one meal… And that’s not even combined with the service charge or GST.

With prices rising rapidly, Malaysian college students (and adults too) are always going on hunts to find the best #bajet meals, deals and feels. Hey, we’re not cheap, just economic, ok?

Wouldn’t it be convenient to have great student-centric apps to tell you about student deals and  discounts near your accommodation?


Turns out, lots of developers have capitalised on this need. These will cure your hunger pangs and boredom without breaking the bank!

1. UniTreats – student deals galore!

uni treats

This is the perfect app for those who keep misplacing their student IDs (“I left it at home” is a horrible excuse, really). UniTreats is an app that acts as a digital universal student ID, anywhere. You can flash your digital ID at any of the 50+ participating outlets (read: Krispy Kreme, Caliburger, etc!) and get a student discount instantly. On UniTreats you can also find deals for activities like futsal, dances and escape challenges!

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2. Groupon


While Groupon isn’t catered solely to university students, students can plan their meals, purchases and treats ahead by buying deeply discounted Groupon deals. The deals can go from 20-95% off, so if you’re looking to save a ton of money, this is the app for you. After all, Groupon is the largest discount site in Malaysia, and has operations in over 28 countries. It’s never-ending variety must be a reason why it’s so successful. Tip: you can get really cheap electronics, like power banks or USB cables on the “Goods” page.

3. Fave by KFIT


Fave’s tagline is “do more together.” University students are Fave’s main target consumer segment, because 1) students love to be social and lepak together all the time, 2) students tend to either be extremely conscious or unconscious about their health. Fave hooks up restaurants, gyms, fitness studios and dance or martial arts studios to promote their sessions on KFIT’s platform at a discounted price.

You can do a cheap Muay Thai class, eat a fabulously cheap Thai meal, attend a cheap ballet tutorial and have a cheap kickass gym session all in the same day with Fave – and do it with three of your buddies while you’re at it.

4. OffPeak.My


OffPeak looks at the times where restaurants are at their ‘off-peak’ hours, aka when it’s not peak lunch or dinner time. You’ll be able to ‘book’ meals at 15-40% off at off-peak hours. These meals, albeit cheap, are quality snacks or meals – you’ll find here both kopitiam deals and meals from high-end places like Hilton and Espressolab!

OffPeak is great for impressing your special friend(s). Eating at off-peak hours may just solve the college student dilemma – to Maggi it out or to actually go out?

5. KindMeal.My


KindMeal.My is a great deal-based website solely for the promotion of healthy, vegetarian food. It offers discounts of up to 50% off for vegetarian meals. For you fitness-obsessed college students, this would be a great way to eat clean.

Zuzanna Ch
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