5 Steps To Survive Your College Breakup

He was supposed to be the one. To bring you flowers, invite you for nice evenings in Starbucks and sing you songs. And watch Korean dramas with you. And you were to look after each other while prepping for exams and assignments. And what? It just didn’t work. And now not only do you have to prep for the exams, you have to do it while crying and being completely devastated. Whyyyy!

So here’s what you should do. Wipe your tears. Order a pizza or nasi lemak. Read the tips below. And live your life! (hushhh, exams are coming and it would be good to get mentally back to normal by then)

1. Close this box once and for all 

This is the most painful part, but without it, you will never be able to move on and start dating again. If you don’t stop thinking about it soon, you’ll end up sending sad texts to your Ex at 3 AM. So beware!

Think about everything that happened, and what could you learn from it for the future. Maybe now you know that you can’t stand it when the guy smokes cigarettes? From now on, cross all the hot-single-but-smoking guys out from your list. 

Required item: box of tissues with some Minions on them to make you both laugh and cry.

2. Join the party

Now it’s the time for the “If he sees how much fun I am having, he will miss me right away!” part. This is the time for you to get yourself some new outfit, maybe new lipstick or a visit at a dermatologist that you always felt like doing. Ask your friends to take you out – sometimes it’s difficult to find some occasions to go out by yourself. Don’t say no to anything! Is it someone’s wedding, graduation dinner, house party? Accept whatever comes your way. And don’t worry if you end up outside the club at 1 AM, trying to reach out Ex’s number. It takes time. Don’t be ashamed, babes!

Required item: A new, fabulous dress!

3. “I’ll be there for youuuuuu”

It’s movie time! Disney animations, classic romance, horror movies – whatever floats your boat! Our personal favourite: movies with absolute hotties! Leo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling – their view seems to work better for the broken heart than looking at the lost Nemo 😉 Or, if you’re more of a sitcom girl, invite your bestie, and play “Friends” episodes through the whole night!

Required item: Netflix/iFlix subscription. And a packet of ice cream, XXL size.

4. Cry your heart out

It has to happen at a certain point. Crying the whole night, the next day, and a part of the next night. Then taking a break, because your eyes are just too dry, but after an hour, bursting into tears again. Is there anything you can do? Well, unfortunately not much. Crying is a natural part of the healing process and you shouldn’t stop yourself. But keep the limits, sweetie 😉

Required item: a fluffy cat to hug (or a teddy bear, if the cat is not around)

5. Don’t worry – be happy!

Focus on the future – on the positive parts of it, of course. Think of all the new hobbies you can pick up, new friends you can meet and new adventures ahead. It will always be tempting to switch into memories mode and think “What if…”. Beware: as the time passes, you will be forgetting the bad moments and remembering only the good ones. DON’T do it! There was a reason why you broke up and it wasn’t a small misunderstanding. Always keep it in mind, princess!

Required item: A new planner / calendar to put all the plans and happy thoughts into!


Zuzanna Ch
World traveller, but with the heart stuck in Malaysia.