6 Things You Should Know If You Study in Kuala Lumpur

Greetings earthlings and listen up, we have some important things to tell you!

We gathered in our thinking pods and wondered if those of you studying in Kuala Lumpur (KL) know the basic things you need to know for survival. So we came up with some (obvious) stuff that you probably missed. You think you know…BUT you don’t know!





We heard from a little birdie that all tolls will be cashless transactions soon. So we hope you have stocked up on your Touch’n’Go’s or enough coins in your purse because you will face A LOT of tolls here in KL!




So you think “Meh, I can handle tolls. My piggy bank is heavy with coins. I’m good!”…Well think again! The jams in KL are known to make the kindest of drivers into a notorious road bully. Though if you insist on driving, please be responsible and use the helpful app Waze.




No, PTPTN is not for buying a new iPhone 6. And no, it is not for down payment for a new car. Spend wisely guys, the economy is not good right now!




Be smart enough to compare rents in different locations. There are different ranges of prices for rooms in different areas of KL but you have to know where to find it!




Be mindful of your health as well. With all that stress from the tolls, the jams, the urge to spend all that allowance money on unnecessary things will take a huge toll on your mind, body and soul. Take a second to chill or join a gym!




For safety precautions, we hope you don’t wander alone by yourself in the dark. You’re no vampire okay? Take up learning self-defense and be street smart!


Hope your knowledge increased by seven folds! Do let us know what we may have missed in the comment section below. Happy hunting Hostel Hunters!

Zuzanna Ch
World traveller, but with the heart stuck in Malaysia.

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