7 Facts Only A True TARUCian Would Know

Are you a typical Tarucian? Then for sure you know all these facts!

1. Chinese , Chinese , still Chinese


If you want to choose a college that can help you to improve your Mandarin speaking skills, then TARUC is a perfect choice!! Almost 99% of the students speak Mandarin in the campus, and the English speaking situation only happens when there’s a Malay or Indian classmate around.

Sometime you might encounter a few “bananas”, but most of them will be forced to speak Mandarin anyways – without it, they can’t join the gang!

2. Consistent classmates for the entire diploma or degree time


What’s so amazing about being a Tarucian? You’re guaranteed a group of best friends for the entire diploma or degree time!

In TARUC, each student is assigned into a different tutorial group – and this group would not change during the entire study period. While in the other colleges, students are constantly pushed into new groups and classes due to flexible timetable systems.

The result? Tarucians always stick together and continue their friendship even after graduation!

3. Car park always FULL


If you are driving to college and looking for car park during the peak hours, you will most probably end up double-parking. No other choice, because the place never has enough car spots! Leaving your car number behind the front window is a must, in case anyone needs to move their blocked car that’s behind yours.

This kind of situation got even worse recently, because there are more and more people parking inside the college – even though they have no car sticker. It’s such a challenge to find a free parking spot!

4. Mana makan?


This question might be the toughest question during you entire study life. This topic can totally be discussed for more than 1 hour, and still you wouldn’t know your makan place. That place too hot la~  The food not nice la~ Expensive la~

Only when you come up with a suggestion that everyone is willing to accept, you can start to walk out of the college. Not an easy task!

5. You have a car? Okay, let’s be friends!


There are many student living in hostel around the area or taking public transport to school. TARUC usually have a very long break between the classes – sometimes you might have a class at 9 AM and the next class at 6 PM! So how ah?

Nahh~~ don’t bullshit that you will go to library during the break.

Of course you want to go home or out with your mates! So what do you do? You look for someone with a car! Whoever has a MESTI is the popular kid in class, that’s for sure. Sometimes, the car owner might have to send his friends back to the hostel without any charges because of malu to reject their request.

6. Club or society? Nah~ NO WAY


Most of the Tarucians have ZERO college society experience in college. Why? If you’re joining a college club or society then of course you have to stay back after classes. Even until very late hours in the evening.

Plus, lots of “cool students” think that people who join societies in college are nerds or just want to change their social status. So it’s not really the most hip thing to do.

7. Hostel DRA~~~MA


Every student living in a hostel will realize how important it is to choose the right hostel and housemates. Nothing is better than you meet a “NGAM KENG”(having good chat with you) housemate in your uni life. However, there might also be some people who do not NGAM with the entire unit – and it eventually leads to serious DRAMA! Every hostel has their own different “protocol” – better find out the details when you join!