7 Types of People in the #KimExposedTaylorParty and every college drama ever

Everyone’s talking about it: the great Kim Kardashian has just royally dethroned Taylor Swift from her high pedestal, potentially destroying her entire career.


In summary, Kanye wrote a line in his song ‘Famous’ about him making Taylor (“that b*tch’, he called her) famous. Publicly, Taylor was angry and called it a ‘misogynistic’ song, making a huge deal and a Grammy speech out if it. Kanye was taken aback as he had apparently received permission from Taylor to publish it. Taylor denied it. Kim, on Snapchat, recently released a never-before-seen footage of exactly that: Taylor praising and giving Kanye permission to release the song.

It’s been a week and the aftermath has set in. People are starting to realize how similar this drama is to the regular ol’ Malaysian college dramas – let’s look at the types of people in the drama circle.

Which one of these are you?

1 The Taylor Swifts – the closet savage

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The Taylors of every drama present themselves as sweet and everybody’s girl-next-door. The Taylors are great at throwing parties and getting a squad together. But inside, they have an agenda.

They’re cunning: there’s a reason to their popularity, and it’s because they’re great manipulators. They play the fallen-angel victim so people who love them take pity on them and side them. But privately, they’re laughing to themselves.

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2. The Kim Kardashians – the mean, righteous girl

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Everyone knows that the Kims of the dramas are the traditional mean girls. You know that every word that comes out of her mouth may be a lie, but when she backs up her stories with hard evidence – the video of Taylor deliberately lying to Kanye – you know it’s going to #breaktheinternet and drop many jaws.

The Kims of every drama may seem less-than-intelligent because of their flaunty nature, but they are severely underestimated. They are always on the prowl, trying to undermine other people and boost their own public image. And the difference between the Kims and the Taylors are that the Kims own their behaviour and aren’t afraid to hide their motives.

3. The Kanye Wests – the vulgar a**hole

The Kanye West is that one provocative, obscene guy who always accidentally starts a fight because he said a snide comment he didn’t mean, like “I made that b*tch famous.” He stirs up the drama because he always wants to emerge the winner, or the ‘king’, as he calls himself.

4. The Selena Gomezes – The Tryhard pacifist

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The hypocritical Mahatma Gandhi of the circle. The Selenas are always trying to be pacifists, going like “Why don’t we use our voices for something that matters?” and trying to defuse the bombs of the drama.

But when someone asks them: “So what ‘important things’ do you talk about?” They are silent, because they know that they generally don’t talk about anything “that matters.”

5. The Khloe Kardashians

The Khloes of every drama are the bulliers, adding spice to the drama with every additional insult they hurl out. They generally target the Selenas of the group, calling out their previous mistakes in ways as nasty as they can fathom.

6. The Calvin Harrises

There’s always a sore ex-boyfriend who just got dumped by the main ‘Taylor Swift victim’. You can spot him tweeting deliriously and defensively about how he’s the one who escaped the relationship looking fresh, and you can spot him on Snapchat partying with the JLos and the Kim Ks.

Which one are you, when dramas happen?

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