5 Sneakers That Students Should Consider Having

As sneakerheads, we all need a good and comfortable pair of sneakers (oh no, in fact, we need more than a pair, don’t we?) to be as agile as a cheetah in campus, especially during our running-late mornings. But the key point is, which sneaker should you choose to keep that swag on yet remain comfortable in a hectic day at college? And, while there are sooooo many choices out there, you surely can’t have them all in your closet if you are staying in a dorm with your roommates, or renting a room in a hostel nearby your campus!

Well, we have prepared a list of 5 staple sneakers that you, as a college student, should consider having ready in your wardrobe. And yeah, it’s not just us thinking that they are awesome. Check out these awesome Malaysian Instagrammers looking so fly why wearing them!

Adidas Originals Super Star 

The Adidas Originals Super Star is undoubtedly the universal staple for college students, and it’s really no surprise why this pair of sneakers is everyone’s favorite. Effortlessly chic, versatile and never boring – the Super Star complements all kinds of outfits without compromise. So, whether you are rocking a pair of denim jeans or a skater skirt, this pair of sneakers is the go-to that you can never go wrong with.

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Nike Air Force 1

The Nike Air Force 1 is a classic in its ranks, and even though it’s originally made for basketball players, it has become a favorite streetwear staple for all sneaker-junkies around the globe. Among a few variations, the full-white and full-black Air Force 1 are the most popular choices among fellow sneakerheads. Whether you are you #teamWhite or #teamBlack, this pair of classics will promisingly plant you on the tip of the stake of style. 😉

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Puma Suede 

The iconic Puma Suede is also another wardrobe must-have. Featuring the signature Puma stripes, this pair of 90s’ classic stood strong against the test of time and will probably never, ever go out of style. Much unlike a temporary hype that gets washed away by time and tide, the classic Puma Suede is definitely a keeper.



Converse Chuck Taylor

The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers are yet another all-time classic that we are forever obsessed with! Recognized for its unmistakable silhouette, it defies the laws of style by being retro-chic yet trendy at the same time. The Converse Chuck Taylor has been on the market for more than a hundred years, and it stands its ground as firmly as ever. It’s the kind of shoes that you will naturally grab when you just can’t make up your mind of what to wear – you always know deep inside that a good ol’ pair of Chuck Taylor never lets you down. The best thing about this pair of classics costs less than RM200, which I can say it’s within the budget of most Malaysian students.

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Adidas NMD 

Oh, and how can we forget about the Adidas NMD? The overnight superstar needs no introduction in today’s market. Debuting in 2015, it has already been put on the throne as one of the most popular and best-selling shoes in the same year! I’m sure you have seen the cool kids striding in their proud catch of NMD around your campus. It’s just so clean and sleek and comfortable – people just can’t keep their legs off the NMD! 

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That’s it, the top 5 sneakers that you really don’t wanna miss out on! With these sneakers, not only will you look fashionable, but you will be able to run around in your campus with ease and comfort, even if you are in the biggest campuses in Malaysia like UTAR Kampar, UPM, or University Malaya. Need some ideas on what to fill your shoe rack with? Hopefully this post helped! Have a good day 😀


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