11 Places For Lunch In Cheras If You’re On A Student’s Budget

Looking for something yummy to eat – but you’ve got only a RM10 note in your pocket? No problem, we’ve got you covered! Our Cheras expert has put together a kickass list of makan places in the area – and all of them will give you a value for your money’s worth!

Just in case you are not sure, Taman Maluri (Sunway Velocity), Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS), Taman Connaught (long trail of night market) and Balakong (heading to Kajang) are all in Cheras vicinity. Yes, Cheras is indeed bigger than what most people think!

And yeah, of course, you can go for fast food places, like McD or Burger King. But we love Malaysian food, so we’ll focus on the local stuff:

1. Restaurant Mama Love (Pork Noodle)


Everyone loves homemade food! Here at Mama Love, the pork noodles taste even better than mama’s dishes (kid you not!) – because the local mums come here to eat too!

This place sells only 1 dish – but why would you even want anything else? With ample amount of pork slices, minced pork, pork meatballs and optional pork intestines and pork liver.

The noodles come with soup or paired with dark soy sauce at an affordable RM7 to RM9. Sooo goood!

Mama Love Restaurant ( Restoran Lao Ma Zi )
No. 17-1, Jalan Tun Perak 2,
Taman Tun Perak,
43200 Cheras, Selangor.
Opening Hours: 7am – 5pm (closed on Wednesday)

2. Restaurant Sun Ming 新明记烧腊饭店 @ Taman Connaught


Chicken rice, barbecued pork and roasted duck are some of Malaysians’ favourite meals. If you’re feeling like you need one of these dishes to make your lunch perfect today, head to Sun Ming Restaurant. It’s located in Taman Connaught neighborhood, a street away from SJK (C) Taman Connaught and SMK Taman Connaught.

The crowd usually comes around 12pm and last until 2pm, so avoid these hours if you’re driving there – parking can be an impossible task. The queue for takeaway is also a long stretch – except for ‘yong taufu’ which can be purchased right away.

If you love meat, the crispy barbecued and roasted duck paired with respective sauces will suit your taste just right!

Besides, the shop also sell fresh pork slice which is sold in a sealed packages. <But why would you – the roasted pork here is perfect! So don’t bother cooking it at home ;)>


137, Jalan Sarjana
Taman Connaught, 56000 Cheras
Tel: 03-9133 2151
Business hours: 11am – 4pm (Closed on Tuesdays)

3. Kaki Bola Fish Head Noodle @ Taman Segar


Most people go for Cheras Flat for steamed fish or fish head noodle. Don’t be surprised if you  find scrumptious fish head noodle at Taman Segar that opens for breakfast! On the weekend at 8.30am, the crowd is already queuing up!

The shop is reopened at night for steamboat dinner. Have you ever tried fish head noodle steamboat? It’s a great place to taste it!

You can choose from deep fried fish or fish paste with evaporated milk or without.



Taman Segar Branch

No 23, Jalan Manis 7, Taman Segar 6 1/2 miles, Cheras, 56100 Kuala Lumpur.

Contact: 017-3098339 / 012-3886629

Business Hours: 7:30am – 4pm (closed on alternate Mondays)

4. Cheras Flats Steamed Fish Head


This place is a little bit hidden, so make sure you don’t pass it as you drive along the street!

Look closer and you will find the famous Cheras Flat Steam Fish Head Restuarant. Why is it so well-known? All the dishes here are mainly steamed – it’s a perfect place if you’re looking for healthy, clean meal!

Cheras Flats Steamed Fish Head
Jalan Ikan Emas,
Cheras, Kuala Lumpur,

Operating hours: 11 am – 3pm daily (Closed on Tuesday)

5. Jin Man Fish Ball Noodle


Jin Man is one of the locally famous eateries in Cheras. Fish ball and soup noodle make a good simple meal, enough to brighten up your day!

For the side dishes you can choose from an array of snacks, such as fish maw, bean curd skin and ‘yong taufu’.

Kedai Makanan Jin Man,

71 Jalan Dato Haji Harun, Taman Taynton View, Cheras, 56000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Opening times: 5.00am to 4.00pm. Closed on Mondays.

6. Fei Por Curry Mee


Craving for a good curry mee but Coca Seafood @ Selayang is too far away? Find your way to Fei Por Curry Mee @ Taman Taynton to satisfy your taste buds!

Vegetables, clams, bean curd skins and curry chicken make each portion worth every single cent.

Alternatively, there are over 20 dishes of economic rice with complementary soup of the day. So many lunch options in one place!


No. 19, Jalan Nadchatiram 1,

Taman Taynton View,

Cheras, 56000

Kuala Lumpur

7. Teochew Porridge @宝兴瓦煲鸡饭•知粥常乐潮州粥, Taman Segar, KL, Malaysia


Teochew porridge has a similar concept with Chinese economic rice where you get to choose our own dishes and add them on your plate. Here, instead of rice, you get a hot plain porridge. There are over 15 choices of side dishes to choose from.

And if you are super hungry, go for the claypot chicken rice – it will fill your tummy like no other dish!

PS. Parking is not a problem anymore as Teochew Porridge has its own private parking spaces!


30 & 32, Jalan Manis 3, Taman Segar, 56100 Cheras, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Operation Hours: 10am-10pm everyday

8. Seafood Noodle @ Taman Maluri


Yes, seafood noodle can be affordable even in Klang Valley. With less than RM10, the noodles come with several soup bases. Tom Yam is one of the signature dishes that get people keep on coming back here. You can customize your own noodle from vermicelli, mee, bihun, keow teow, lai fun, yee mee and soup base on preference.

The shop is near to AEON Taman Maluri and SMK Cochrane.


Hoong Kee Seafood Noodle House

27, Jalan Jejaka 5,

Taman Maluri,

55100 Kuala Lumpur

Mon :8:00 am-3:30 pm

Tue – Sun :7:30 am-9:00 pm

9. Poppo Kanteen @ Taman Segar


Come to Poppo Kanteen for local favorites such as Nasi Lemak, Char Keow Teow, Roti Canai, Ice Kacang & Teh Tarik. There is both outdoor  space for smokers and indoor area with air-conditioners to escape the heat.

Menu features a wide variety of dishes ranging from small bites to main courses. Come here for an afternoon snack!


Poppo Kanteen

No 26, Jalan Manis 4, Taman Segar

Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

Business hours: 8am – 12am

10. Yulek Wantan Mee @ Taman Cheras (Yulek)


Wantan Mee is one of the favorites on any Malaysian brunch list. Originated from Hong Kong, Malaysian wantan mee has more local, unique flavor. This shop in Taman Cheras started off from a hawker stall and it was gradually upgraded to a shop. The taste and quality of the food remains the same with double the crowd.

The huge amount of ‘char siew’ and ‘siew yok’ are the main reasons customers come here for. Prices range from RM6 to RM7.50, so  it is definitely a bargain you cannot get anywhere else in Klang Valley!


Restoran Yulek Wan Tan Mee

19, Lorong Durian

Taman Cheras, 56100 Kuala Lumpur

Business hours: 7.30am to 4pm, closed on alternate Tuesdays

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