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Dealing with different kinds of roommates – the Nocturnal Owl and the Party Animal

Peaceful sleep, quiet weekends at home… Forget about these if you’re a student staying with these kinds of roommates!

The Nocturnal Owl

loud roommate meme

Do you want to sleep peacefully at night? You won’t be able to when you live with these people. It’s 3 am and they are still awake, tapping away on their term paper or watching the new episode of MasterChef. If you ever ask them about it, you will get the ‘I work better at night’ speech. You have a lecture in the morning and this owl is really interrupting your sleep.

THE REMEDY: These guys are bad for your life. Be Blunt. Tell them that the study rooms are open at night or to go to another place altogether and not to disturb you. If they wake you in the night, turn off the lights and go back right to sleep, they will get the message pretty fast.

The Passive-Aggressive One

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Instructions, Instructions everywhere. To-do lists everywhere. You forget to turn of the fan once, there will be a sticky note waiting for you, ‘Turn the fan off’. Left a plate on the study table? Sticky Note will be waiting, ‘Don’t put plate here’. You will get sick of their tone pretty fast and will definitely get irritated if you ever see another sticky note in your life.

THE REMEDY: Confrontation is key. Be bold and straightforward but calm and collected or you might find a sticky note saying ‘Don’t argue with my sticky notes’. Explain to them that they should talk to you instead of using stickies so that its more humane.

The Party Animal

party animal


These guys are always partying, either in your room or somewhere else. Either way it’s a problem because either they are hungover and making a mess from a party or holding a party in your room, both being bad for you. Roommate missing at 2 am? Party. Taking a shower and start hearing loud music from your apartment? Party. It might be fun at first but these parties get old fast, real fast and turn into irritating and cause headaches.

THE REMEDY: Confront or Avoid. Confront them and tell them flatly, no parties in our room and no hangover mess. The other method, avoid them, stay out of your room, find a nice little study spot or some other place and don’t go to your room unless you want to sleep.

The Perfect One

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These guys are near impossible to find. They are not too obsessive but are clean. They share but not overshare. They party but just as much as you. They are messy but not more than you. You both are good friends but give each other enough space. You have no problems whatsoever with them and are supportive of each other.

THE REMEDY – Consider yourself lucky and cherish them for the rest of your life.

Zuzanna Ch
World traveller, but with the heart stuck in Malaysia.

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