Dirty room meme

Dealing with different kinds of roommates – The Hygene Freak, The Miser, The Messy and Phone-ey’ One

Do you hang out with your roommate daily and generally live your life peacefully like a lily flower on a perfectly still lake? Well, it means you still haven’t encountered these types of roommates from hell. Beware – them moment you meet them, don’t think too much – run away!


The Hygiene Freak

Dirty room meme

Chances are, you don’t have any hand towels to wipe your hands with, because – guess what – they are all in the laundry basket! Clearly, they need to be sparkling like the morning dew to be clean enough…

Now, let’s get this straight. Everybody likes a little bit of hygiene, but this type of roommate takes cleanliness to a whole new level. Your room becomes a home to cleaning supplies, brooms and wipers. Your bathroom turns into a laundry itself; and you are stuck in between all of them, as the silent victim. You’re not allowed to keep your bag on your bed. You’re not allowed to use the bathroom with your shoes on, even if it’s darn urgent. You’re not even allowed to eat junk food in your room!

THE REMEDY: Give your roommate his ultimate dream: a set of latest cleaning supplies. And, while the roommate is busy reverentially placing them in the bathroom, just LOCK THE BATHROOM!


The Messy One

Dirty laundry meme

The exact opposite of the above species, this guy is almost unbearably unclean. Well, as a rule of thumb, there is always a certain limit to a hygiene level, as well as a certain limit to the mess accrued in your room, right?

The messy guy is beyond all the limits. Imagine socks strewn everywhere, unwashed utensils being stuck in the sink for several days, clothes hanging left and right, wrappers on the floor everywhere etc. And don’t even get me started on the bathroom condition….

THE REMEDY: Draw an imaginary (or even real) line in the middle of the room and tell your roommate to do whatever he wants on his side and not to touch your side.

The Miser

stealing food from the fridge

Do you have any friends who tend to always save money for some unforeseen circumstances? Well, meet the misers. They don’t even use money for laundry, they insist on eating your food and borrow your shampoo daily. These people can get on your nerves pretty quickly due to their nature. They generally get in the way of you doing something, i.e. getting takeout, throwing a party, getting faster internet and other stuff because they refuse to contribute.

THE REMEDY: Lock them out of every amenity they don’t pay for. Don’t do their laundry, don’t get them food, change the password for the Wi-Fi. They will learn pretty quickly that it is necessary to contribute in order to use things!

The Phone-ey-

Cell phone addiction meme

Have you ever seen people that NEVER get off their phone? These guys literally NEVER leave their mobiles, they are always talking to someone, be it important or just casual conversation.

Finished talking to one person? Why not call another, since ‘I’m on an unlimited voice calls plan anyway’? These people will drive you nuts because they do not socialize with you and make way too much noise. It gets especially bad when they are talking to their boyfriend/girlfriend because it becomes all awkward for you and they won’t stop or go outside.

THE REMEDY – Use earphones and start ignoring them. If they ever try to talk to you, call somebody and keep ignoring then. They will learn pretty fast.

Zuzanna Ch
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