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Dealing with different kinds of roommates – the Absent One, the Sharer and the Clingy One

Ready to find out more about the dangerous species of potential housemates you could meet in your life? Hop on and join the ride, it’s going to be scary!


The One Who is Never There

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He or she is almost never at home: either in the library, out in the city or with their significant other, i.e. they’re always Missing in Action. They said they were going home for the weekend, but when Sunday night rolls around, they’re still gone. After you haven’t seen them in five days you start to worry, but then they stroll into the room after class on Thursday like nothing happened.

THE REMEDY: These guys are actually good for you. You get the benefits of a single room but for half the price – because it’s always just you alone using it. You’d be lucky to get this kind of roommate, actually.

The One Who is Always There


Yes, you guessed it – these guys are just constantly around. Always in the room, watching Netflix or listening to music. This isn’t a problem – the issue is, they invite other people inside too – since they never go out. Your room is always filled with some people you don’t know. There is no idea of a little alone time.

THE REMEDY: Find a nice study room for yourself to spend time at. And invite your roommate out once in a while, so they get used to the environment outside the room!

The Sharer

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You might be a pretty open person, prone to sharing stuff with your friends – until you meet this guy. It would be nice if he shared some of his stuff with you too- but he only likes to share with himself… Typical situation? Let’s say you go into the bathroom and find your conditioner and shampoo empty since your roommate used it, without asking. And it happens every month!

THE REMEDY: Label your stuff and ask them to pay every time they use it. Sharing is nice but there is a limit to it and you need to let them know where the line is.

The Clingy One

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When you move in with these kind of guys, you will never see the ‘apart’ in ‘apartment’ because they are always sticking to you. The first time you meet, they will ask you about everything: from your address to your life story, and tell you theirs – and it gets awkward pretty fast. You go out – they go out, you get lunch – they get lunch.

THE REMEDY – Be gentle with these people or else they get offended pretty fast. Introduce them to other people so they stop clinging to you as much and tell them in a delicate way that you need to go your own way sometimes.

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