How to start your semester right.

It can be overwhelming and confusing thinking about how time has flown by and now the new semester is about to start. Students will be wondering what will it be like this semester? It can be a little stressful thinking about new classes, and everything that you need to tackle again to maintain the CGPA for this semester. Therefore here are a few steps on how to start your semester off right.


  1. Schedule regular study times.



Make sure you know when is the exam and what papers you are due. It’s a great way to start your semester because you can look at your calendar and know when everything is due and when is the time to study. Without putting everything together in a schedule calendar, you will never be able to manage all your extracurricular activities and finish up all your assignment efficiently.


  1. Set goals.



Perhaps one of the most important things to do at the start of your semester. You need to think how can you accomplish all the assignments and achieve good grades at the end of the semester. Set goals like what GPA you would like to earn? Are there any clubs you would like to join? By setting a goal, you can start working hard towards accomplishing these goals.


  1. Study the syllabus before class.



Reading and understanding the syllabus is one of the things you should do for any class. This will give you a great head start in your lessons and you will have many questions for your lecturer when you’re in class. Your lecturer will appreciate the prep work you have put in and would love to encourage your efforts further. It is always better being well prepared than being completely don’t know what is the lecturer teaching. At university level, you cannot afford to not be up to date with your lessons.


  1. Exercise



Of course college life is more than just lectures, studying and completing assignments every day. Maintaining good habits from the very beginning such as exercising, getting enough sleep and eating the right food has been proven to help stimulate brain activity. Making time for exercise in your weekly schedule is a sure way to keep you going during the semester. It will not only keep you in shape, it will also give you an energy boost and put you in an overall better mood throughout the semester.


  1. Relax



Lastly you must leave time to relax. Don’t overwhelm yourself in the first few weeks of the semester. Handle your workload step by step and all should be well. Keep your deadlines in mind but also make sure to have fun and enjoy being a college student, participate in social, college activities,  go out to lunch with your friends or just walk around and enjoy the campus scenery. Do whatever you want during your ME time.


Zuzanna Ch
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