7 Signs Show That You Are A Kampar Student If….

Well… studying in Kampar is pretty much something you will be proud of someday. Definitely. ONE day. In the future. Period.

Kampar have been a very “kampung” place when I was studying here. It got better now, with more attractions and infrastructure, but you might still find it quite boring.

But hey – there are some things which we will always remember about this place! Here are a few of them:


First, the horrible 8am classes. You will definitely experience the struggle of cycling to campus or standing at the bus stop while struggling to stay awake.

For girls who use make-up, cycling to campus is probably the biggest challenge! The eyeshadows and mascaras might be waterproof but not hair-proof! With the wind, the sweat, your hair, and cosmetics altogether, it will all look like a spiderweb on your face. #morningfail

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2) Buses in Kampar

Not forgetting the buses  – apparently, they have a schedule that follows our infamous “Malaysian Time”. The longer you stay in Kampar, the more you will get used to being constantly worried about your attendance and whether the lecturer will allow you to sign your attendance if you’re late.

If you have a car, you will also get to know the struggle of driving to campus for classes – just to ride around for 20 minutes looking for a parking space. Plus experiencing the jam in front of the campus gate!

3) Shopping spree in Kampar o_O

Entertainment-wise, the only shopping we have is grocery shopping at the local hypermarket Tesco, Giant and Econsave. So go crazy! 😛

4) Let’s hang out!

Fast internet is rare! Everyone knows where you can get the fastest one : GTI cyber café @ New Town. But be prepared for crowds, so make sure to secure a spot!

And by the way, if you’re currently slim and in shape, be prepared to be grow some fat. Why? Because the best places to hang out at night are our MAMAKS! And the great part of it is that they are open 24 hours (you’ll never feel hungry)!!

5) Wednesday = rain

Do you know what kind of weather will there be in Kampar every Wednesday? Raining for 100%!! A city legend says that it rains here every single week.

6) Get some sleep!

If you are studying in Kampar, then you definitely understand the importance of sleep – especially during our mid-term and assignments week.

You’ll have to get used to pulling the all-nighter to rush your assignments because tomorrow is the due date. No worries, we all go through this.

But the final exam season will be the worst – because you will probably try to study the whole semester’s syllabus in one night!

As  freshie, you should know it’s going to look like this:

after every paper, your friends will probably rant on how tough the paper was and how badly they messed it up. But ironically, after the final paper of your exams, while scrolling your Instagram feed one day, you will get to know that your friends are on vacation, while you stay at home burning joss sticks, praying you can pass your subjects.

And when the exam results get released, those friends who whined that they will fail terribly – they will always get a better grade than yours.


Oh there is something you must know as a Kampar student! Not only the local students knows about it, students from other campuses also heard about it – the mighty UTAR CONFESSION Facebook page. It’s a very versatile page where you can debate, complain, scold someone, confess to your crush, learn interesting stuff about UTAR, find your lost items etc. Some of the posts have even been published in a local newspaper! *clap clap*

My personal favorite of our confession page – the comments! Hands down, you will find the funniest replies at the comment section. So funny that you will be proud to say that you’re enrolled in the same university as these talented jokers.

Zuzanna Ch
World traveller, but with the heart stuck in Malaysia.