Malaysian fashionista’s top 8 t-shirt choices for college students!

Getting bored with your usual t-shirt choices? Or maybe you’ve just found an interesting person on the campus and you’d like to catch his/her attention?

We’re all students, so the budget is not going to be huge. Your style has to:

1) look cute

2) cost you nothing (or almost nothing)

3) seem like it cost you a fortune.

With these 3 simple requirements in mind, t-shirts should be your weapon of choice. A statement tee will make you famous in the university in no time!

Here are our suggestions for the year 2017:

Showcasing your hate for mornings

im_not_morning_person_t_shirt-rf1a2fb3147304d2f8d1639b40053a76f_k21jo_324 1

Looking at it, people would probably get friendly towards you right away – all in all, who doesn’t hate mornings? This design simply brings peeps together. Maybe try it on your crush? It’s such an obvious ice-breaker!

Coffee fix

il_340x270-698601611_tpoo gemma-correll-just-pour-the-coffee-in-shirt-1-lg

Following the morning routine, next step has got to be the coffee. Show your love, spread the tingling effect this beverage has on your nose… It’s basically a huge dose of emotions on one small t-shirt!

Ok, just one very important rule: don’t go for the obvious Starbucks sign. It’s so 2015. Right now these are mostly worn by the tourists in Perhentian Islands and Chinatown in KL. Avoid!


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Since the first month of the semester is over, you’ll soon start to fall under “I don’t care, I just want to survive this day” group. As the semester drags and the finals seem so far away, you might want to express your anger a little bit, by telling everyone how bored you are. The tee might have the “whatever” look, and let others think like that, but in reality, it’s actually a well-planned look!

Not now


If “Later, lah” is your life motto, this type of tee should be an important part of your wardrobe. It gives people the right expectation towards you, and makes your life easier. Just, maybe…. don’t showcase it too much to your professors. Just in case.

Sleep = Life


We spend 1/3 of our time in bed, right? So isn’t this a perfect reason to put your love towards the sleepy times on your outfit? Plus, it’s such a universal message that some people would probably stop and ask you about the origin of your t-shirt, or ask for a photo. For real!

I’ve got the magic… in me!

making-font-b-magic-b-font-happen-print-font-b-t-b-font-font-b-shirt women-s-i-run-on-magic-caffeine-cuss-words-t-shirt-magic-shirt-medium-red

Just imagine: what if you could change your university to Hogwarts, just like that? Would you go? If the answer is “yes”, then you’d probably love a little magical t-shirt with a magic spell on it. Or just a kind of reminder about how close the magical world is to our reality. So, this is a perfect outfit for the new Hermione or Ron:

NOT gonna happen

nope_not_today_t_shirt-r71706d5973bb40cd96b9dc4632fd15b1_jyry8_324 imagehandler

Express the NOPE! Don’t lie, don’t pretend, don’t give false expectations. When life (or professor) gives you lemons, just say…

Gotta love these things!

41vjveydr1l original_my-favourite-things-personalised-baby-t-shirt original_new-personalised-favourite-things-t-shirt

A list of your favourite items written on your tee – isn’t this the coolest idea ever? It shows your personality 100% AND it’s a perfect tip for your boyfriend/future crush – helps to buy you really wanted gifts! It’s basically like writing a letter to Santa on your shirt!


Zuzanna Ch
World traveller, but with the heart stuck in Malaysia.