What You Didn’t Know About The Similarity Of NBA Finals Exam Finals

If you didn’t know, (you definitely will if you’re a basketball fanatic), the NBA Finals 2016 : Cavaliers vs. Warriors is going on right now. Followers of the game are all probably clenching their fist and gritting their teeth at the same time. Why? It’s helluva disappointing and exciting at the same time!



Game 1. The Finals at Oracle Arena, the Warriors beat the Cavs 104 to 89. Pretty close game. Decent effort by the Cavs. Great defence on the Splash Brothers and they closed them out pretty well. One thing they did not expect? Livingston, Barbosa and Iguodala were stars. The Cavs just could not close them out. The Warriors was just too good in their house. Expected and predicted outcome.





Game 2. The Warriors rained on them and beat them by 33 points. Final score : 110 to 77 points. The Cavs that were so lethal and integrated in the regular season were GONE! Kyrie came out strong but went strolling in the park later on. JR, who attempted 3 shots in Game 1, took 6 shots and made 2 in Game 2. Kevin Love got knocked down. LeBron; the mega superstar,  had butter on his fingers possibly from breakfast and was throwing the ball away. They look disengaged, confused, and pathetic. There was no fire nor desire. In short, they didn’t show up.


The Warriors were doing everything right. Iguodala closed out LeBron well. Bogut protected the rim. Klay and Curry were hot at some point of time. But the game changer? Draymond Green! He was absolutely sensational that night with 28 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists! In whole, they moved the ball well, moved well without the ball, and drained shots.


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Game 3. Back in Cav’s Land, it was ELECTRIFYING! It was a do-or-die game. The Cavs showed up and displayed why they are in the Finals! Tristan Thompson dominated the pit. Kyrie shaking-and-baking and scoring like he does. JR Smith got hot, and we all know once he gets hot, he hits shot after shot. LeBron? Showing everyone why he is the KING!


In the end, they humiliated the reigning champs and beat them by 30 points, 120 to 90! They looked solid and back on track. Which begs the question, whose side are you on? Cavs or Warriors?


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Game 4. Every Cavs fan was literally crossing their fingers for a Cavs comeback, and oh boy they were disappointed! James and Co. started the game OK, making decent shots and could keep up with the Warriors. Kyrie was special and kept his team in the game, even when the Warriors rained 17 3s on them, setting a NBA Finals record on the way.


In the end, the Warriors was just too good. They were moving the ball, trusting each other with the ball, and most importantly, Curry was FEELING IT! The two-time MVP found his long-range touch and scored 38 points. Too spicy to handle (geddit?) !!



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Game 5. Just when you thought the Warriors were going to close it out and pop the champagne on their home floor, Kyrie & James said: ” Not so fast fellas!”. Oh boy, they came out BLAZING! King James was doing EVERYTHING! Hitting his shots, driving, making plays, rebounding, blocking shots, stealing the ball, you name it! The best way to silence the boos.

And Kyrie? THAT KID IS SPECIAL MAN! Hitting 17 out of his 24 shots??!! 5 out of 7 from 3 point range??!! DAYUM SON!!


In the end, the Warriors, who were without Green after his controversial suspension and Bogut after his unfortunate injury were not on point with their defense; they inevitably allowed 41 points a piece for both James and Kyrie and they went on to become the first teammates to score 40 or more in the same game of the NBA Finals. Dynamic Duo!






Game 6 on the Cavs home floor and oh boy yes they came out FIERY HOT!! They put up another STUNNING performance to beat the Warriors by 14 points. They were integrated, trusting each other, moving the ball and as a result there were alley-oops, swinging passes, cuts to the baskets. Essentially, THEY PLAYED LIKE A TEAM!! James scored 41 points, delivering another magnificent performance with no margin for error, while Kyrie Irving added 23 points. Tristan did a good job too scoring 15 points and grabbing 16 rebounds. With the King putting a dominating performance, it was enough to close the Warriors out!



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Game 7 will be the Finals game. It will go down in history. It will be the Finals game people will talk in 20 years. Can LeBron and Co. do the impossible? Can the Cavs complete a comeback from 3-1 down? Can they be legends and accomplish no team has ever done before? Game 7 is the game to watch!!



How is the NBA Finals similar to your Exam Finals?


1) It’s a do-or-die game.

Win or go home? WRONG! Fail and don’t go home, says your parents!


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2) It all comes down to this.

The whole year’s effort, sleepless nights, tireless studying and loads of work, comes down to a few papers.


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3) Losing by 1 point is losing. Failing by 1 mark is failing.

Your parents only care about whether you pass or fail, and not passing by how many marks or failing by how many marks.


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4) All it really takes it hard work, perseverance, focus and some luck!



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Lessons to be noted? Stop following the NBA so much and start studying for your finals!!



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