Overslept for a test? Do this!

This is just the worst horror situation! You wake up. Lay in your bed for a while, because you still have a moment to start prepping for school. But then… you look at your phone. Its battery is dead! The alarm didn’t work!

And what’s the super-duper worst: there’s a test happening today, and you’re already late for 32 minutes! Jumping out of bed now won’t help at all, it has already happened… So what kind of options do you have, as your eyes are still shutting and your morning energy is at its usual low? Here are some of the solutions – choose one that fits you best!

A) Declare a family situation

This one is a bit fishy, and you would have to bend your moral rules just a little bit. So keep this as an emergency, rather than a usual solution. Calling or emailing the professor and stating that something has happened to a member of your family is an easy way out – since it’s a private issue, nobody will ask you for details, but nonetheless you should have a story ready in your memory. Be ready for the awkward messages from your friends, if the case of your “family issue” leaks into public. And yeah, remember to suggest another day to retake the exam and discuss it with the professor after you’re back to uni!

B) Show the attitude

This one takes some serious guts to pull off, but if you can do it – chances of succeeding are pretty high! Face your professor and turn into a negotiation machine: tell how active you’ve been though the semester, inform that your parents used to work in the Ministry or Transportation and they know people in different places… Here’s where your years of practice while bargaining at the pasar malam finally pay off! Negotiate until you reach your goal: you can propose collecting additional points for doing more homework or preparing a presentation and materials for your class. And set a new date of the exam. Fingers crossed!

C) Turn into Bilbo Baggins (or some other travelling creature)

No, not really. Just show your emotions in a wild way. If your professor is the “nice type”, visit him right after the exam ends, wearing old stinky clothes, with greasy hair and a backpack that’s still open. If you’re really hardcore, wear no shoes, just like a hobbit. Show how much you’ve tried to make it to class on time. Tell the story about how fast you’ve ran to school and how you’ve even hitchhiked to make it there. Show a bit of your emotions (read: start crying as you cross the door) and you might be on your way to save your grade.

D) Just accept it

Wake up, message your friends about it, eat a good breakfast and face the world. If this is the only exam you’ve overslept and the other ones go well – then you have nothing to worry about. Your average grade might go down a little, but if you manage to set up a make-up date for the exam, or volunteer for some other activities. you should do just fine. Just face it all with open arms, and stick to your plan.


Zuzanna Ch
World traveller, but with the heart stuck in Malaysia.