SECRETS REVEALED: 5 Korean tips on getting ready to school in 5 minutes!

We all just want to look good in college but sometimes, we are just too lazy to wake up early in the morning to do our makeup! Some girls may think that applying makeup requires a lot of time and effort, but in this post, we are going to show you how can you achieve the effortless no-makeup makeup look in ONLY 5 MINUTES. Our inspiration? The ever-inspiring Korean ladies and their beauty routine!

STEP 1: SUNSCREEN (30 seconds)


L’Oreal UV Perfect Protector

You probably already know how important a sunscreen is! It helps to protect skin from the harmful UV rays (which, in a long run, reduces our chances of contracting skin cancer). Malaysia’s weather can be crazily hot and humid sometimes… Even a short walk from DK Senza to Taylor’s University can result in a sunburn, would you believe? So, if you are always running around outdoors on your campus, applying a sunscreen is a MUST!

TIPS: A tinted sunscreen will be your best friend because you can skip your foundation step as a tinted sunscreen helps to enhance your appearance while protecting your skin at the same time!

STEP 2: BB CUSHION (30 seconds)


Laneige BB Cushion
If you think you need even more coverage than just using a sunscreen, I would suggest to use a BB cushion. BB cushions are extremely popular not just in Korea, but also around the globe. Well, why is everyone so crazy over BB cushions? It’s really a no wonder – the application process literally takes only half a minute, and the sponge that comes with it makes it extremely easy to apply. BB cushions usually give your skin a natural, dewy coverage, which is perfect for college students (you probably don’t want to look like you have on 10kgs of foundation on your face, right?).

STEP 3: EYEBROW (1 minute)


Kate Lasting Everbrow

Eyebrows are the frame to your face, so please don’t miss out on its detailing. Can you imagine your favourite celebrities without eyebrows? Have a look!





It’s actually pretty easy to draw your brows perfectly – all it takes is just a bit of time and the patience to learn. The ultimate key lies within finding out, which kind of brows suit you the best – straight, round, high arch or thick. (We all have different face shapes, so it’s not wise to follow trends blindly!) Once you have discovered the ideal brow shape that suits your face, then you should be able to own the brow game in less than 1 minute!

STEP 4: EYESHADOW (1 minute)

138169_shop1_210483 ce6f322292605649bd2ed0b2afeb00b9

When it comes to eyeshadows, the brown shades are the easiest to work with! Applying a medium brown shade all over your lids gives you a deeper depth in the crease, making your eyes appear bigger. Alternatively, you can simply apply a shimmering light brown shade all over your lids to brighten up your eyes!

STEP 5: THIN EYELINER (1.5 minute)


Eyeliner – that one thin line that can make or break your entire look. Drawing a thin eyeliner as close to your lash line as possible is going to enlarge your eyes naturally and make your eyes pop! For a natural look, you just have to extend your eyeliner slightly past the end of the eye!

STEP 6: LIPSTICK (less than 30 seconds)


3ce x LilyMayMac Lipsticks


3ce Mood Recipe Lip Color


3ce Bebe Color Lip Balm #Hush

The last step is to, of course, wear a lipstick! Without lipstick, your makeup wouldn’t be complete – the lipstick is that one thing that ties everything together. You can never go wrong with a nude, pink or coral shade. These shades enhance your lip colour naturally so that you can achieve that “no-makeup makeup look”!

Tip: Choose a cream lipstick instead of a matte lipstick to keep your lips hydrated all day in college!

Voila – your makeup is now done and now you are ready to head to campus!

Psst, we only took 5 minutes too!

Zuzanna Ch
World traveller, but with the heart stuck in Malaysia.