Student Apps of the week: Billy, Walter

Presenting to you today: 2 student apps which have some things in common. Number 1: they are both named with popular “human” names. Number 2: they can be extremely useful!




Nowadays we get confronted with more monthly payments, of which it’s easy to lose track. When does your payment for Netflix, Spotify or Dropbox get deducted? And how much is it? Eventually all these small payments add up and you’re facing some serious moolah issues. So it’s better to be prepared and track them as they come.

Billy lists your subscriptions and notifies you when the bill is coming up. You just select a subscription out of a list containing the most frequently used services, services that are not listed can be added manually. Choose a service, enter the amount and fill in the next payment date. Do this with all your expenses and you got a good overview of your expenses.

Download Billy (Free) for:

iOS – https://itunes.apple.com/en/app/billy-keep-track-your-subscriptions/id1059152023?at=11lRmA

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Walter - one of the useful student apps

The easiest guide we’ve seen so far, but a fun one! All you rustic items lovers, rejoice! Walter shows you places to eat, drink, shop or sight see. But instead of a map it uses a compass! So it looks classy but at the same time it’s still a digital tool. How awesome is this?

Stripes around you current location show where places in the four categories are, and how far away they are. You don’t get any more information – which makes using it a real adventure! You never know what awaits you at the tracked location. Discover cafes, hidden gems, new places to watch movies at, and romantic spots for your future dates. And yeah, it also helps to solve the life-long question: what to eat for lunch?
Bad connection isn’t a problem since the app even works offline.
Download Walter (free):

iOS – https://itunes.apple.com/nl/app/walter-your-smart-travel-compass/id1116133721?at=11lRmA


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