10 Hostel Room Hacks To Keep Your Life Organized

This hostel room hacks is the one that is  mostly for the girls, however the guys can definitely pick up some inspiration to adopt for their use. 😉

No one likes a messy room; even those that are messy themselves, secretly wish they could be neater and have a more organized environment… hehe.



Keeping things organized might seem as a huge drag, especially at College or University where there is always some activity or gathering to attend, or more typically; a pile of assignments and coursework stacked on your desk awaiting your immediate attention.



In the midst of all this excitement, shaving off precious minutes searching for your daily necessities in the mess that is your hostel room might actually stop your head from exploding with frustration and, could actually help you attain a happier state of mind.



For things that you couldn’t store in order previously, we have a list of pretty clever and convenient hacks that aren’t only easy to do, they’re also cheap as chips and will leave a smile on your face when you’re done.


  1. Cutlery tray for your stationary.

We’ve all been there – digging around drawers and turning our work desk upside down looking for a single pen, or worse, a paper clip. Save yourself the stress and get your desk organized!



Get a cheap, plastic cutlery tray, place it in your drawer and sort out your pens, pencils, highlighters, binders and other desk supplies neatly in the compartments. Locating that paper clip will be easy-peasy from now on!


  1. Corkboard for your necklaces.

Hanging up your accessories does not only make for a great storage idea, it doubles as a great decoration idea as well.



Stick some solid map pins or thumbtacks into a corkboard, (arrange them according to the lengths of the accessories) and hang your necklaces and bracelets on the thumbtacks for easy access and décor.

The best part of this hack? Your necklaces stay tangle –free!


  1. Ice cube trays for smaller accessories.

Isn’t it annoying when you want to wear THAT pair of earrings to match your fabulous #ootd but you can only find one side??



Use an ice cube tray to store and separate different pairs of earrings so you may locate THAT pair when you need to. You may store your rings in the ice cube nooks as well!


  1. Soda can tabs to extend hangers.

Hostel rooms typically have limited space for clothes or closet space, hence students need to come up with clever ways to maximize the space they’re allocated with.



Save some of those pull off tabs from your soda can and slide them onto the hook of your hanger. Now you can hang another hanger from that tab and voila! – Instant closet expansion!


  1. Binder clips to separate and sort cords or wires.

For those of you who are taunted by a tangle of black or white cords belonging to your computers and mobile devices, you will love this hack.



Attach binder clips to the edge of your desk (just like in the picture) and slide your phone, tablet, laptop chargers as well as any other electrical cords through the metal loops not just to separate them but for your convenient access as well.


  1. Shower curtain hoops for your scarves.

Everyone has a scarf or two, or twenty. The only problem with having an array of scarves to match every possible occasion is where the heck does one keep them all?



We will tell you how – clip some shower curtain hoops to the horizontal part of a clothes hanger and simply loop your scarves through the hoops. Hang them up in your closet or out on a wall, both ways will work as they’re now neatly arranged in a colorful row.


  1. Shower caddy to organize school supplies.

We love it when basic household items have a dual use – and this hack is a great example of that.



Use a shower caddy to keep all your school supplies such as notepads, planners, folders and bulky items such as scissors organized and ready to go. Take it a step further and hang the caddy up to clear more space from your desk and drawers!


  1. Picture frame desk organizer.

This hack is perfect for items that you use often and to need to grab quickly, like your favorite felt-tipped pen, letter opener, paper clips or personalized notes. There is no sewing required; hence the process is super easy.



Cut a piece of cardboard to the appropriate size to fit the selected picture frame. Create pockets by wrapping fabric around the piece of cardboard and hot-gluing or even stapling it in place. The more pieces of fabric you wrap, the more pockets there will be; 2 or 3 pockets should suffice. Fit the fabric-covered cardboard into the frame and you’re done!


  1. Magnet makeup board.

Have your makeup within easy reach by hanging it on your wall.


Use a metal sheet or cookie tray, cover it with decorative paper or pretty fabric and glue it in place. Now you have a make up board. Next, glue magnets to the back of your most-used, favorite make up products and attach them to the metal sheet, the magnets will keep them sticking to the metal.

Enjoy a clutter free dressing table from now on!


  1. Dish rack folder holder.

This humble household item now comes in a wide assortment of colors and sizes, t’would be such a pity of we didn’t find some other cool use for it!



Store your folders in order by arranging them into the slots of the dish rack – bonus points if the dish rack has a small attached basket, you can use it for stationary like pens/pencils or highlighters!

Make sure your folders are clearly labeled so you can easily grab the right folder that you need without rifling through them too much.


HostelHunting.com tip:

Reuse breath mint or lozenges boxes to store tiny pieces of stationary that gets lost easily or can be prickly to handle such as thumbtacks, board pins, stickers, small scissors and other arts and crafts bits and bobs.


Label and/or decorate them so you may locate them easily.


Cleaning and Organizing is a Practice, not a Project.

Now you can have a room that you can proudly show off to your family, friends and housemates, in fact, your room might just turn into the new hang-out spot!



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