Studying in KL, but want wear proper Korean style? See how!

Do you know this feeling, when you just finished watching your favourite k-drama and you lay down on your bed, thinking and imagining how kickass would you look wearing all these awesome clothes? But then BANG! Reality strikes and you realise that you’re in Malaysia, and not in Korea. What to do?

No worries, we’ve compiled some simple ideas on how to look more like a Ulzzang star than a college student. And yeah, they won’t drill your wallet, so chill out. Jjang!

1) Tennis skirts

01 02

Tennis skirts are no longer only meant for the court as they are making their way into the mainstream fashion. They come in a variety of colours and prints, and the Korean Ulzzangs are absolutely rocking them in pastel colours! Personally, I think not only tennis skirts can emanate a sense of youth, but they also make you look super Korean-ish!

2) Sweaters
05 04

Sweaters are the essential items for any Ulzzang! They are extremely versatile and can be matched with different kinds of bottoms. Not only that, they also keep you warm in chilly lecture halls. Oh, do you know that it is a trend to wear the same design (but different colours) with your BFF in Korea? How cute is that!

3) White Loose Tee

A white loose tee is definitely a wardrobe staple for the Korean girls as it is really versatile – with a white top, you can basically wear any kinds of bottoms you want. The thing about Korean fashion is to keep things clean, simple and comfortable. See this outfit above? It will literally just take you 10 seconds to put on. Absolutely perfect when you are running late to college eh?

4) K-style V-necked loose blouse
10 11

For the Koreans, V-necked blouse is a casual piece that can render a sense of femininity. Other than plain colours, the Ulzzangs are definitely into the “stripes” right now! I think by just wearing a V-necked loose blouse, you will look instantly put together. Absolutely effortless!

5) Midi Skirts

Wearing midi skirts is also a key trend in Korea that you wouldn’t wanna miss! Midi skirts render a sense of sophistication and they are actually pretty flattering on all body types. Most importantly, whether you are running across Taylor’s University or cycling to UTAR Kampar, midi skirts are definitely dress code appropriate for colleges. 😉

So these are the top 5 Korean fashion trends that you should totally try out if you want to be the next Korean-girl-next-door in college. Embrace these trends and dress like you are living in Korea, even though you are actually living in Nadayu 28 hehe! I promise that you are going to look “Ulzzang” with these tips! 😉

Oh hang on, before you leave, I have some exclusive shopping tips for y’all!

For those who are wondering where you can shop for affordable K-style fashion garments, Sunway Pyramid’s Asian Avenue will definitely be your shopping heaven!! So if you are living or renting a room in Sunway or SS15 area, you know where to go!
If you prefer online shopping, I also find that you can get a lot of great deals from Uniqueens and Dovey Diary!


Zuzanna Ch
World traveller, but with the heart stuck in Malaysia.