The 7 Types of People You Will Find in Every Hostel

Greetings Earthlings, the universe says hello!

In today’s topic, we review the types of people that we eventually meet or currently have existing as our housemates, roommates, dorm mates or whatever-mates that involves living in a close proximity. Here and there we will also insert a solution on how you can get along with these people.

Let’s get started shall we?

200297959-001The Dirty

You know, I know but he doesn’t know. He (or Heaven’s forbid, SHE) is easily identified as the person who looks like he only has two change of clothes, room wreaks of weird stench and odours, refuses to keep common areas clean and probably has a cartoon like stench coming off him.

What to do? Throw him in a tub full of Clorox and Dettol. Or industrial strength stain remover as he probably will have some irremovable stains courtesy of his laziness. That’ll teach him a lesson to not be dirty anymore.

on_night_stand_nerd_memeThe Nerd

Ah, the Nerd. Everyone needs one, every house needs one and don’t forget to be nice to him/her as they might rule the world one day. They can be identified by the book fortress formed around them, possibly thick black rimmed glasses, always sitting in the front row of lectures and probably playing an underground nerd card game that we will never understand.

What to do? Again, be nice to them. Befriend them. Hang out with them, play those unfathomable card games and just chill. Seriously guys, they might take over the world one day.

level-78_c_482579The DOTA Olympian

How can we not include the almighty DOTA Olympian who can draw first blood within 3 minutes into the game or running around pawning people with only 50/10000 hit points left. These guys (or girls) are those who can be found gaming away till the wee hours of the morning.

What to do? Nothing. He won’t disturb you, you don’t disturb him and his killing spree. Or maybe learn some skills from him. We heard that the international DOTA championship’s winning pot is over $1 Mil USD.

717e82c652735200416212b36445f0d441c4dcd5df61e017d1c0c40428d7dcb3Sleep God

We all need that one day of the week to recuperate and catch some Z’s. This guy however is devoted to sleeping that even 10 shots of espresso might induce a longer nap than keeping him awake.

What to do? Splash some ice water or blast on some annoying pop song. Just kidding. Aside from assisting him occasionally to sign his attendance, just let the dude sleep and make sure you don’t catch what he’s got!

hyperactiveThe Hyperactive Guy

Remember the Sleeping God? Well, this is his exact opposite. This guy won’t be spotted sitting down and always on the go. He’s probably in a jillion school clubs and never misses class as he so involved win everything. Rarely seen without a coffee in hand or probably a redbull junkie.

What to do? Tag along! We all need that one friend who is all about #living and #yolo-ing!

jimi-hendrixThe Guitarist

Come on guys, everyone knows that one guy whose sweet rendition of the blues on his guitar could make Ray Charles cry and you know John Mayer ain’t got nothing on him! Can be seen constantly basking, joining talent shows or just jamming in the common area with a bunch of friends.

What to do? Jam along bro. Pick up that guitar and learn some stuff from this guy. Who knows you might unleash you inner Jimmy Hendricks!


not-an-alcoholic_o_1219795The Alcoholic

Now this guy may not be exactly an alcoholic but may always be spotted coming to life on the weekends with a drink on his hand and some girls on his side. Or a female version, tonnes of Instagram pictures with booze and tiny outfits. We don’t judge here in Hostel Hunting because we were all young once (and still young okay!). We all need that guy/girl who is always up for a legend-wait-for-it-dary time!

What to do? If you’re not into that scene, just steer clear but try to be nice. All that partying must be a way for them to let some steam off. Otherwise, if you can’t beat them; join them!

**disclaimer: Here in Hostel Hunting we encourage you to make good decisions!



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