6 kinds of students that will get on your nerves this exam season

Do you feel it? The smell of coffee and color markers, the sound of nail biting, the flow of never-ending group Whatsapp conversations about preparations… The exams season is upon us! You may be perfectly prepared and know all the material by heart, but if you meet one of these 6 types of students, your nerves and good mood may get slightly disturbed.  Ever met any of these guys?

1. Mr Know-It-All


It is good to have friends who love to share knowledge. But what if your friend starts to ask and answer their own questions? And what’s worse – if they provide the wrong information? You would probably stop talking to him/her for a while, especially if it’s the exam season.

2 The Early Finisher


This guy is known to apparently finish all the exams and papers on the second day of exam season. Crazy!  You might even start to doubt whether both of you study in the same university. How does he do it? But the best part is that this person is also probably present in every single party in the area – before and during the exams. Is he a magician or sth? When does he even find the time to sleep, let alone study? 

3. The Planner

The only reason this dude cares about examination date is that he has already booked the flight ticket on the first day right after exams. Counting days to vacation is easier than counting days for examination to end! He is a joyful person, but damn – hearing about his holiday plans while all you face is a pile of books, can be quite frustrating!

4. The Not-Always-Seen-But-Forever-There


No, this person is not a celebrity. BUT he is always online – and happen to be liking and commenting on posts in all possible channels. You might barely see them through the semester, and only meet this fellow in person during exams. Typical situation: whenever you’re chilling between papers and checking-in in a cafe, he will post a ‘bojio’ in a comment!

5. Silent Overachiever


The one who always complains about not having enough time to study. The typical phrases from him would be: “I am going to fail”, “I have not studied a single thing!” or “I give up”. However, he is usually the one to make it to the dean list ceremony when the exam result is released. MAGIC!

6. The Askhole

The one who daydreams all the time during  lectures, discussions or tutorials. This guy always ends up asking many questions, and you end up explaining the material to him all over again. But then what? He might not believe you and start to question you back! Super nerve-wracking. Things get worse if this person is your group mate and your examination mark in interdependent! 

One big plus though: with all the explaining, you learn the material much faster, actually 🙂


Zuzanna Ch
World traveller, but with the heart stuck in Malaysia.