Top 5 places to hang out for SEGi Students!

Studying in SEGi? Check out this ultimate guide for hang out spots nearby the SEGi KL campus!

1. LOKL 

(pronounced as: “local”)


Some cafes are just places to drink coffee at, but some others have turned into a proper hangout institution, where at any day, any time – you know you’ll find someone you know inside.

Located just a street away from SEGi college KL campus, LOKL is the place where SEGi students sit to work on their group projects and revisions. It’s like a Starbucks, but more local (LOL).

The food served in LOKL is your ultimate Malaysian comfort food, but with a western twist. Expect dishes like Hainanese meatloaf and grilled cheese sandwich!

The cafe has a pleasant ambiance, with white furnishings an exposed brick walls. Seating here is rather limited., but al fresco dining is available at the courtyard if you prefer more spacious, warmer and brighter environment to study.

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2. FEEKA (Changkat)


Probably the most hipster spot around, and a haven for coffee lovers – Feeka is a great place with great coffee and unique environment. Students loves to hang out here because during the day it’s a quiet location,  perfect for discussions over an assignment or a project.

The most popular items here are the piccolo latté and Feeka’s famous lemon poppy seed cake.

With Jalan Mesui rising in popularity, its fabulous to have a Bohemian café thrown into the mix of colorful bistros along the strip. It’s a great place for a chillout with a good book in the afternoon! PS You can get here with a free bus from the campus!

3. Snowflake (Pavilion)

This is a must-do treat to have on the last day of exam session.

Snowflake is actually a Taiwanese dessert brand, serving dishes that consist of ice, fruits, grains and different kinds of jellies.

Their bestsellers are made of premium shaved ice with grass jelly, a little syrup, some chewy beads of taroballs and an optional cup of creamer in a big bowl. Simple, faultless combination that cost double of your usual bowl of cincau from hawker stalls.

But despite the price, Snowflake has grown to become one of the must visit spot for us students!

4. Merchant’s Lane

Credit: EatDrinkKL
Credit: EatDrinkKL

Merchant’s Lane is a relatively new cafe in KL Chinatown. The location is pretty convenient – it’s just a walking distance from SEGi – and before reaching the cafe, you get to explore the old buildings and shops that have been around that area for years.

It’s been one of the most Instagrammed hipster hideoutsfor the past few months or so. It is situated inside an old heritage building (which used to be a brothel before, actually!). The cafe has a lovely oldschool charm which is a breath of fresh air on the cafe scene. Because you don’t really need another one of those industrial hipster looking spots that come standard with a good looking barista with a manbun.

But actually, its the outdoor area that really shines with the buildings original design.

The student’s favourites are the sunbeds in the outdoor area, and a wall with a super old tree growing on top of it. It makes you feel like you’re in Angkor Wat, and Angelina Jolie from “Tomb Raider” would join you there any minute!

5. VCR

VCR is tucked neatly in between Chinatown and Bukit Bintang in the heart of KL.  

The whole decoration of the place is simple and comfy with a little hipster touch that totally suites all the students. Situated within the Kuala Lumpur city centre, VCR Café is accessible within a 15-minute walk from the Hang Tuah monorail train station.

The wifi is surprisingly good, so during the weekdays, the rooms are filled with freelancers and students!

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