The ultimate 7 life hacks for students with “Malaysian Time” problem

Do you always have the ‘Malaysian timing’ problem? 

Are your mornings always a chaos? 

Are you always rushing in the morning and ending up late for classes or work? 

It’s 2017 and people always say “New Year, New Me” right? We, Malaysians, should totally make a new year resolution, i.e. curb our Malaysian timing problem, that is to BE. PUNCTUAL.


Here are 7 life hacks that will save your time in the mornings! 

1) Prepare your outfit in advance 

It’s simple = if you prepare the outfits the night before, you won’t have to waste time fumbling about in the wardrobe, thinking what to wear. Put everything together in advance to make sure you don’t get caught off-guard with last-minute surprises. A good outfit = a good mood = a good day. So if you are wondering why some girls look so effortlessly chic around Taylor’s University or SEGi, it’s probably because of this tip. 😉 


2) Prepare your breakfast the night before 

If you constantly skip breakfast just because you think you have ‘no time’ to make one in the morning, make yourself a jar of overnight oats with your favorite fruits one night before! Not only is a jar of overnight oats easy to make, you can also take the jar of goodness with you and eat it on the go! 


3) Pack everything you need before bed 

Pack your bag, laptop, books, wallet and your necessities all in one place so that you don’t have to search high and low to gather them all in the morning. 


4) Put your phone away from your bed…

So that when the alarm rings, you will have to get up and get it. Other than being a nice little warm up exercise for you in the morning, it is also a guarantee that you will actually get up in the morning, hehe. 


5) Simplify your makeup 

5 6Put your hands up if you are always running late in the morning due to your makeup routine! This is actually a perfect scenario as to why you should use multipurpose products to simplify your makeup routine and speed things up! Not only that, multipurpose products are also real money-savers, which are good for college students like us! For example, use a lip and cheek tint from Benefit Cosmetics for both your lips and cheeks or the NARS Multiple Sticks on the eyes, cheeks and lips! 

6) Curl your hair the night before 

You probably won’t have time to sit down for an hour to get the fancy curls in the morning (well, unless you wake up super early). To seize that extra hour of sleep in the morning, here’s a trick your weary body will appreciate! Always curl your hair before bed, or tie them into a braid, and you will wake up with loose and natural curls the following morning! I am a regular patron of this trick, and it always works perfectly. 😉 


7) Use dry shampoo / wash your hair the night before

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For those with long hair, you probably wouldn’t want to wash your hair in the morning as it takes up so, so much time to wash and dry. So, what you can do is you can either wash your hair the night before or use a dry shampoo! A dry shampoo is perfect for lazy people. You don’t always need a good “wash and blow” to guarantee a good hair day — just one of these dry shampoos will do! Just give that bottle a little shake, spray it over your scalp, and you’re ready to go!

And that’s about it! Do you have friends who always run late to meet-ups / classes? Share this post with them so they don’t have anymore excuses! :p 


Zuzanna Ch
World traveller, but with the heart stuck in Malaysia.