Which Type Of Roommate Are You?

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We all presume that we are the perfect roommate but are we really? How do we know what type of roommate we are and who we will get along best with? Have a read on our compilation and we hope you can identify your roommate and what kind of roommate you are!

The Wild Child

‘The Wild Child’ is basically impulsive and pleasure-seeking;  they are sociable and charismatic. No storm too big to chase and no adventure too thrilling to take. These guys live by the motto “Carpe Diem”.

Ideal room: Looks like a unicorn and a rainbow fell in love and had babies. Full of fun colours and artsy-fartsy things but at the same time chic enough to entertain friends or have small gatherings with close friends. No clean colours for this one!

Ideal Roommate: The Placid Prince/Princess. Nothing like the calm before the storm. These two would make a great match as the wild child would be busy raising all kinds of hell while the other just calmly ignores his surroundings.


The Iron Fist

The scholar is fundamentally ambitious and leader-like. They have a lot of aggression, energy, and/or passion, and try to instil it in others. One way or another this person will have his way.

Ideal room: A space that is either extremely messy or extremely clean. There is no middle point, only extremes of each spectrum. The room probably will need to sport some steel or metal decor.

Ideal Roommate: The Wild Child. The iron fist’s somewhat icy behaviour can be overcomed by the wild child’s devil may care attitude. This way one will not be able to overrule the other while sharing a room.


The Daydreamer

The daydreamer fundamentally introverted and thoughtful. These people often were perceived as very (or overly) pondering and considerate, getting rather worried when they could not be on time for events as they would be lost in their train of thoughts.

Ideal room: Because of their complacent trait, their ideal rooms will most likely be filled with overly stuffed furniture ideal for lazing about. Decor would most probably be deep and abstract paintings for them to set their gazes on.

Ideal Roommate: The Placid Prince/Princess. These two would be too busy in their own worlds to even notice the existence of the other. In addition to that, the Placid Prince/Princess’ passive aggressive behaviour would definitely help their relationship in a misunderstanding.
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The Placid Prince/Princess

The placid prince/princess is relaxed and quiet, ranging from warmly attentive to lazily sluggish. Phlegmatic people tend to be content with themselves and are kind.

Ideal Room: The easier it is to maintain the room, the better for this person. A room filled with muted colours, furniture’s that are easily cleaned and some plain jane decoration.

Ideal Roommate: Anyone! Yea, that’s right. Anyone. His/her nature is too calm and too relaxed that he won’t even notice the loudness of the wild child, the abrasive attitude of the iron fist and the head in the clouds daydreamer.


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