Stunning Spots In Monash And Sunway That Are Instagram-Worthy

Monash University and Sunway University may be small compared to other campuses but there’s so many places where you can take your Instagram game to the next level. If you’re from one of these universities or just from Subang Jaya, it’s time to up your game. It may be in the angles and just the right photographer friend, but with these backgrounds, it’ll naturally look good.


This oh-so natural look and whole background working it for her. Yas gurl!

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The long background helps you look long too I guess(?).

You don’t need to stand for this shot! The best part? If you wore something of the 90’s punk rock style, you would be SLAYING. But where is this in Monash tho?

A pretty bench park with a pretty background makes a pretty cool shot.

Okay, this is cool. The rooftop shot, classic.



Just find this grey wall and look anywhere else besides the camera. KABOOM! A perfect shot is born.


Now go find this white wall and repeat the previous tip, look anywhere else besides the camera!


This one seems pretty cool tho, like something of a movie. Starting to realize that this guy really don’t wanna look into the camera. Hmmm….


Could this be in the foyer? If you lie down and someone took a photo of you from the top, it’ll like you’re in a park. NICE.


Get a bunch of cool friends to join you in this shot! Looks so dope tho, with that hipster pose.

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