Sweetest Uni Couples Found On Instagram

Let’s be honest, we all hate love to see couples showing off on social media, that is so annoying lovely to see them especially on Instagram. The fact that we love seeing sweet couples is because, well, people always love what they don’t have. #foreveralone

1. honey_mingshy & squirrelulu



The first pair is from TARUC. These two sweet potatoes are already popular around campus, look at their Instagram, satisfying much.

2. jacqueline_2308 &  weesoong

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Through ups and downs ❤️ #1stanniversary #JS

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We featured Jacqueline before in the KDU’s pretties blog, now she’s on the list again with her boyfriend along. #someonegetstwocookies

3. komieeeytzane.koh



My friends always told me studying in TARUC is like going to a blind date, in the end of the day you will get a partner before graduation. Now I get what they mean, another sweet couple from TARUC, Komie nuna and Zane oppa.

4. tfnyfftalsongoh7

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Aww that’s London! Tiffany and Alson did what other couples long for, hot guy + hot girl + London = #Perfection. I can’t wait to see their future babies already. (oops) Last long please!

5. jae_jn & yeefon_koh

Another pretty from UTAR pretty girls made it to the list with boyfie! Jia Ning and Yee Fon are high school sweethearts to each other, but unfortunately they have to go through the struggle of #LDR (long-distance relationship) now.

6. Maggie Kei & zixian_loo

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Nice island with my love one. 👣 #GoPro #perhentian

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Fitness couples are always our favourite, like Dennis Yin & Jazel Lim😍, but nope we are not featuring them ’cause they are no longer students. We have another pair of eye candy, Maggie and Jack from MMU Melaka for you.

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