This is how it is to live in a campus in Malaysia:

So this is what they tell you before you enter the campus: it’s going to be awesome, you’ll save so much time, you won’t have to commute anywhere far, you’ll be able to focus on your studies, you’ll meet new friends… But you’ll only learn how it really is once you start living there! 

So here’s what you REALLY can expect while living in a university campus in Malaysia:

The first day is going to be awkward

You. Lots of strangers. Completely unknown area. Getting lost in between the faculty building. Entering the wrong classroom. Waaaaahhhh so difficult!

But everything will change while you start the midnight mamak sessions with your new groupmates

Once you go through hours of talking about your hometowns and how weird this new student life is, and drink countless glasses of teh tarik, that’s it – you’re proper friends now!

Prepare to lose something soon

Be it your cheese in the hostel fridge (taken by a random stranger). Chips on your desk (eaten by your roommate). Or your beautiful display of pictures (completely ruined by a random monkey who entered through the window). Be ready and keep the spare items hidden in your wardrobe or suitcase!

Your room is somehow smaller than you thought it would be

On the uni website, the hostel rooms looked somehow… bigger. And cleaner. And more modern. But well, this is the correct moment to understand the power of good filters and Photoshop. 

And… why nobody told you that keeping the hostel room tidy is so difficult?

How come it suddenly looks so messy? Come on, you’ve just put the dirty clothes on the chair. And the Maggi mee cups on the table. And some random books on the floor. How did this mess happen?

Common bathrooms? No problem.

You got used to the geckos on the walls, moldy walls and the random finding of someone’s shower gel in an empty shower cabin.

Local campus food? No problem.

You name it, you’ve tried it. The cafeteria, shawarma shop, mixed rice stall, bubble tea stand…. You know where to eat. And which place to avoid! In the beginning, it’s best to ask the seniors. This will save you from some serious tummy problems!

Maggi – your best friend

You’ll soon discover 1001 ways to cook Maggi! There are so many things you can add to make it “healthy” and so many spices to make it even yummier! 

Extra study motivation

During the prep for the exam, get ready for the super-motivational atmosphere in the hostel and the campus – coz everyone, literally everyone has exams and assignments during the same time. So if you don’t study, it feels kinda… weird.

And your best friends are just 2 rooms away!

Whenever you need them – just knock on their door holding a packet of chips – and you will have a hug-and-support session right away, free of charge!


Zuzanna Ch
World traveller, but with the heart stuck in Malaysia.