UCSI’s Future Development

As you all know, UCSI University is expanding its space and new buildings are currently under constructions now at the KL campus. But do you really know what do they have in the new blocks? We have things sorted out for ya!

What You Need To Know About UCSI’s New Blocks

The KL campus is separated into South wing and North wing. The South wing originally contains four blocks, Block A, B, C, and D, and the new buildings will be named Block E & Block F. If I am not mistaken, one of the blocks is located at the hilltop parking area; the other one is opposite to the back entrance. And of course there will be a walkway built between the two buildings, which is safe as the students and staff won’t have to cross the busy road under the hot sun.

Block E, South Wing


The building will include additional student facilities, hostel, academic rooms, administrative offices, ballroom, and parking bays for UCSI University students and staff.

1. Hostel

Slide 1

Slide 1

2. Hostel Lobby

Slide 1

3. Hostel Seating Area

Slide 1

4. Banquet Hall

Slide 1

Slide 1

5. Pre-Function Area

Slide 1

Block F, South Wing

Slide 1

This building is set to be for the lecturers and all the people above like the Lecture Room, Faculty offices, etc.

1. Lobby

Slide 1

2. Lecture Room

Slide 1

3. FOBIS Faculty Office

Slide 1

4. Chancellery – Function Room/Lounge

Slide 1

Slide 1

5. Centre for Pre-U Meeting Room

Slide 1

6. UCSI Group Office

Slide 1

Slide 1

It is said that the engineering and architecture students will be moving from North wing to South wing, and North wing will turn into a college instead for Foundation, A-Level, and Diploma students.

We have no idea by when we will be able to see the new buildings at KL campus. However, rumor has it that it was expected to be completed by the end of 2016 though (bruh..) it’s already 2017! Lucky for those who just registered at UCSI University, because the seniors will never get the chance to study at the new blocks! Hmph!


Besides this major improvement in the KL campus, there’s some future developments as well in the other states.

UCSI University Hospital, Negeri Sembilan


The UCSI University Hospital will combine the many aspects of a private medical centre, community medicine and a teaching hospital to provide healthcare.

UCSI’s Future Campus – Perak

There will be a boutique hotel and an in-house training centre for hospitality & tourism students.

UCSI’s Future Campus – Sarawak


There is a campus located in Kuching, and this is going to be the second campus in Sarawak.



A Little Sneak Peak of How the Hostels At The KL Campus Would Look Like

We went to the new hostel the other day, and this is how it looks!

Lastly, the aromas coffee’s menu. Reasonable price


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