What Can You Find In FamilyMart @ Mid Valley?

I’m sure many of you K-Pop fans and Otakus out there went crazy when they heard that the Japanese convenience store, FamilyMart first opened in Malaysia last year. For those studying in Taylor’s Lakeside is super duper lucky because there’s one branch there that opened IN CAMPUS! But for those living in Kuala Lumpur, Mid Valley is now the place TO BE!

We actually went there and explore the place ourselves. CHECK IT OUT!

1. Strawberry Sando (Sandwich)

It looks almost too fake to be eaten! It’s like something from a Japanese anime or a cartoon or something! Look at it! We actually bought this one and tried it. It tastes so heavenly GOOD, no kidding. It’s only RM4.90. It was from a Sakura Festival that lasts from 5 March 2017 – 16 April 2017 but I think because its so good, they prolonged this beautiful sandwich!! Kya~


2. Strawberry Swiss Roll


This is almost similar as the Strawberry Sandwich except its in a roll and the texture of the cake is a little different.

3. Korean Fish Cake



As a K-Drama lover, this was something off a drama scene. Almost all the drama there will be a scene where the main lead will be eating Korean street food when they’re sad or drunk! Hahaha! On the side note, this tastes so good and it’s affordable. This set was RM7! You can actually choose the soup base. When eating this, I feel like Kim Bok Joo.

4. Themed Snacks


These were pretty cute and hard to find in a local convenient store. It’s cool that they have Hello Kitty snacks, it makes them attractive to a child and people who love these animated shows.

5. Sodas

They have THEMED carbonated WATER guys! How cool is that?! The one in the middle is PEACH WATER SODA. PEACH. WATER. The one on the right is Peach Mango and behind is Watermelon (again) WATER SODA !!

6. FamilyMart Tea


The one on the right is FamilyMart’s very own Oolong Tea, it was YUMMY and affordable, only RM4 something…not sure exactly. Sorry ah boss.

7. Green Tea Milk Ice Cream


If you’re not a fan of ice cream cones, then this should be your choice of soft serve. On the other hand, if you like ice cream cones then they have this Macha Ice Cream.


8. Melon Bun


This one quite nice also, it’s sweet and soft! Should totally give it a try. I was ballin’ on a budget so I didn’t take this yummy buns. HOWEVER, my dear friend did tell me that it was sweet and soft and MUST-TRY!

9. Macha Creme Pudding


I would totally suggest you to quickly eat it or quickly store it in the fridge as it gets melty really fast. Everything Macha is a match-la to my taste buds (get it? Geddit?).

10. Japanese Biscuits


A WHOLE RACK OF THESE AMAZING STUFF! I’m a zombie in brain-land!!

BONUS POINT: If You Plan On Eating There…


They provide you with fork and spoon and a actually heat up your purchased meal! That’s really CONVENIENT for a CONVENIENCE store now, ain’t it? Huhu.. The best about eating there? They have plug-points with USB input so you can charge your laptop AND your phones!


If we missed out on your favourite item there, let us know!

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